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L'oreal Paris "Read my lips" Review | 2018

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I'm a little behind schedule posting this but better late than never, right? Towards the end of last month, I was browsing around the sales in Boots and came across this lip kit. Not an expert by any means but after using this I wanted to share my thoughts, so here we are; 

Read my lips when I say this, this lip kit is out of this world. I've always wanted to say that in a blog post, although you have to imagine me saying it haha. 

ANYWAYS . . . 

When it comes to trying new makeup products it makes me feel weird. After realising that most of my make up is just by one brand, it kind of made me want to branch out and try new things. And, that is what happened, yay! 

Let's be honest, L'oreal lipsticks are just astonishing. Beautifully sits on your lip for hours and doesn't come off like most, although I do like to top mine up because why not? I purchased the "Color Riche"  in the shade 630 Beige A Nu lip kit and it's sent me speechless. It represents a nude/beige colour, which I've been loving recently and think it looks very nice and sophisticated when wearing it. 

The packaging for the lip kit was shaped like a cracker and was so much fun opening it. At first, it took a while to figure out on how to open it but after 10 minutes of making myself look a fool, I sussed it out and ta-da, like opening a treasure chest. The lip liner is just a regular liner pencil which isn't too shabby, to be honest, but the lipstick casing was O M G, beautiful. Guess you can say, this little birdie is easily pleased. Seriously though, the casing is gorgeous. Nice gold casing with the L'oreal Paris logo. When opened, you twist the bottom like most lipsticks and then the most beautiful colour reveals itself. Ok, I'm making this sound very cringe but I promise, it's worth it. Very pleased with this purchase in the sales, from £10, to £5 and SO WORTH IT. 

I am so impressed, to say the least. I wore this lipstick and the lip liner for New Year's Eve and it just looked amazing. And, it felt like my lips were plumped but oh well... I felt good for the first time in weeks.

With a nice shirt, skirt/trousers and a pair of booties, the lipstick will compliment an Au Naturale makeup look or any makeup look for that matter, as it's nice and simple.
I can't recommend this enough, but then I realised that I got this in the after Christmas sale and didn't think it would be in stores. BUT, after doing a little browsing I managed to find the L'oreal Paris lipstick - 630 Beige - in Superdrug for a bargain price £6.99! Click here to have a look! :) 

Thanks for reading!

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