Thursday, 3 May 2018

A DAY AT THE DEEP | April 2018

A day at THE DEEP was literally the best outing I've had this year so far. Not only did I get to embrace the beauty of these creatures, I got to drive on the motorway and go with two people who are very important to me. This may be a rambly post; although, it's nice to be back posting again! 
The photo's I managed to take on my camera/iPhone are not the best quality but they captured some precious moments, to say the least. I also made friends with some of the fish so can't complain haha. As you can see below, there's such radiance within these photos and visiting the aquarium made me open my eyes to how beautiful our oceans once looked but how we can also see these creatures up close without going into the ocean. 
Knowing that they are also well fed & safe makes my heart beat whole.

Penguins are in my eyes the most adorable animals ever. I believe that in my past life I was one as every now and then, walking turns into waddling. I managed to capture a mother penguin protecting/nesting her young while we visited their zone and it was the most beautiful thing ever. At first, we thought she was laying down, but we overheard someone saying she was laid on her eggs so even better, whether she was or not is a mystery itself! All the penguins were close by and even one cheeky chap stared at my camera for a brief second, when you see the photo you'll know! It was amazing to finally see them, despite a piece of glass dividing us. 
We then went on to the Jellyfish and the underwater creatures which were also as captivating. I've never seen Jellyfish close, the first time I really saw one was in Finding Nemo and nearly cried when Dory got stung by one... other than that, seeing them up close was new for me but had me in awe when seeing them in their space. How beautiful are they?! Why are we hurting such beautiful animals with waste pollution in our oceans? This brings me to a very interesting point (see below).

Usually, I'm not one for seeing animals in aquariums or zoo's as I'm a bit sheltered at the idea that they should be in the wild, their natural habitat. Although, visiting the deep opened my eyes to a few things whilst being there. Yes, animals should be in the wild where they belong but the more you hear about how the species in the oceans and land are dropping massively, it's quite sad to know that mankind is damaging their homes as we speak. 

It made me a bit emotional seeing a tank full of plastic bottles, milk cartons, wire, rope etc. and to know that and a lot more rubbish is putting these beautiful creatures in jeopardy is heartbreaking (see above). A photo speaks a thousand words as history once said, right? How does it make you feel to know there's 100x more pollution surrounding our oceans? For me, it makes me feel broken and devastated to know our planet is going to shit. Sucks, doesn't it? 

If you don't believe how bad it is, a small percentage of the water we drink has a plastic within it. Think I'm lying? research it and you will see how we are not only damaging natures wonderful and beautiful creatures, we are damaging ourselves. 

I've recently done a bit of digging and found some amazing charities that help our oceans get clean and protect the animals in it, here are a few that really captured my interest; 
If you'd like to support any of these charities, then please do! After all, it's for a good cause and ensures that there are people out there making a difference!

On a more positive note... the animals I came super close with and the ones I did take photo's of warmed my heart and made me happy to be on the other side of their tank, more or less having a little bonding sesh, haha. 

As you can see above, this little guy loved the attention and seemed happy enough. Although it's nice to see these lovely animals it's also intriguing to learn about them and their natural habitats in the wild too. I found that The Deep was very educational and is good for children to learn what they most likely won't learn in school. 

Spending the day at The Deep was definitely memorable, although it made me feel a little uncomfortable with a big crowd, I managed to overcome that fear and went on to capture beautiful moments of animals I wouldn't have come close to see if it wasn't for this place.

Have you ever been to The Deep in Hull? If so, what was your favourite part?

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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Spring: A Few Things I'm Excited For

Spring is a good season to indulge in. I'm personally more of an autumn/winter kind of gal but I do love spring and summer months especially when I get to wear pretty clothes, burn in the sun and have nice long days with Strongbow in hand.

Photo cred: Jaydee Kelly (myself).
  • Brighter days - I'm all for long days with dark evenings but I do like the spring setting when all the picturesque views emerge too. Can't wait to go venturing around the countrysides in Sheffield and capture the beauty of different landmarks. 
  • Clothing - I like spring clothes as the colours are always quite vibrant, I'd like to try new styles in order to produce exciting content on here - also it's nice to look back on :) 
  • Home Decor - In spring there's much more to offer for home decor. I like to furnish my flat with as many sweet smelling candles as I can or get nice canvas' to fit the mood of it being spring. So excited to go shopping! 
  • Activities - When warmer seasons come about, it seems there's more to do outside as it's more suitable for people to enjoy. This Spring I want to go hiking and see new places in my city and just experience new things to do. My biggest goal for the warmer seasons is to camp/hike around the Lake District as well. 
  • Happier moods - If the sun is out, I'm smiling constantly. As I have a vitamin D deficiency whenever the sun is out, my mood is positive as my levels are higher. Weird, yes, but it makes all the difference and I can't wait. Although I don't really suffer badly in the winter months, it puts a positive spin on everything when Spring comes around.  
What are you looking forward to in Spring?

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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Outfit Wishlist #2 | BooHoo | 2018

It's certainly been a while since I did a clothing wishlist.
BooHoo is my go-to/top favourite online clothing website. I've never struggled to fit into their clothes as their sizing is true to what they promote, the fitting of the clothing hugs your body and the quality is so good. I've learned that my fashion choices are very different to other peoples, but I enjoy the fact that although fashion is changing, I have my own little trends going on, which makes me feel ultimately confident. Everything that is shown will be linked below :)

It's all about "if it's comfy, it'll do" for me when it comes to clothes. I feel like the casual look is more fitting to my personality as being too bold scares the life out of me. Although, different colours are finally making an appearance to my wardrobe so that's a plus! I am hopefully going to try new styles along the way to liven up my outlook on fashion.
You can't beat a "nice top and a pair of jeans" can we girls? haha. I wanted to take a risk and stretch my style branch out a little bit. Although, these three numbers would look great for a family event, date night or drinks with friends. Personally, I reckon the second one would be perfect for an interview for that job you want. 

I like to hide away my body in black clothing as I'm not 100% happy with my figure at the moment. Long story short, most of my black tops made it to the "charity" pile whilst I was moving so I'm definitely in need of some nice, smart/casual tops and dresses to liven up my wardrobe as at the moment, it holds clothes that I've had since my first year of University which was 5 years ago now (holy wow!). 

Whenever I'm on BooHoo, I always go to the dress tab first. I love dresses, my collection was once HUGE but unfortunately, when they start to grow too big for you, it's time to say bye. These three dresses have made me want to jump with happiness as 1. they're in my size, 2. I think they'd look alright in the Spring/Summer months & 3. They are incredibly gorgeous. Very plain yes, but it gives me so many ideas on what to add to it, dressing it up or down, can't go wrong!

A girl can never have too many jeans right? I have about 3 pairs currently which makes me so eager to get more. My style of jeans/trousers are so here there and everywhere that even I don't know if I have a particular aim with the fashion choices that are selected, but ah well. I guess if they look nice and are comfy then it's a winner! These above are definitely the type of styles I'm hoping to merge into my small collection.

My wardrobe lacks smart clothing, it really does. I came across these items and instantly fell in love. The grey and mustard dress (right) is so nice but the red one (left) caught my attention and I love them both. Good job this is just a wish list, for now, so I don't get ahead of myself and buy everything ha! 

I've never really been one for bodysuits but as I want to try and tone up and wear more things that are a slight risk to my wardrobe, this bodysuit definitely stood out for me. With a nice pair of jeans, booties and the jacket on the right, it would make a killer outfit. Well, in my head it would. 

Last but no means least, booties are my FAVOURITE type of shoe. I always find it super difficult to find ankle boots that actually suit my style and fit my clown feet (I'm a size 7, crazy!). In summer or when going out for a few bevvy's these type of boots are my go-to with most outfits; dresses, a nice top and jeans, jumper and jeans etc. you name it, I wear it. Payday is going to be one nice day that's for sure ;) 

What's your favourite item currently on your wishlist? :) 

Find everything above here: 

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Saturday, 17 March 2018

A letter to 26 year old me | 2018

Dear 26-year-old, Jade.

I'm writing you this sat at my dining table, after having a horrible day. I'm hoping you're smiling reading this and embracing the fact that you're happier than ever, without a care in the world.

How are you? I hope you're well. I hope your depression and anxiety is very minimal now you've moved on with life. If not, don't worry - you'll get there. You went through years of hell, you deserve to be happy and I'm pretty positive this is the case. I've always had faith that you'd find happiness, especially throughout the darkest days. Life has a funny way of testing you doesn't it?

I bet you got that job you wanted/dreamt about, making the big numbers and kicking ass every day showing people how great you are. Don't forget how much you've grown in the last three years, there's still a lot of work to do, of course. Just promise me this; Never lose sight of happiness or your dreams. Don't let anyone take away your smile & certainly don't take shit from shitty employers, that is in the past!

Pretty sure you're at your peak in life, whatever road you're currently down. It's exciting thinking about the future and what it holds. I have high hopes for you, Jade. Strive to be the best at everything you do and never settle for anything less.

26 eh? blimey, that went fast. I couldn't be more proud of where you are now. You've handled life better than I thought you would and I'm so proud.

What's next for you? I'd love to hear what 26-year-old Jade is doing and how she is.
Can't wait to hear from you.

Love always,
23-Year-old, Jade xxx

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

February Favourites | Go to Skincare, First Gig Experience & Cooking More 2018

For Christmas, Ash surprised me with an amazing gift set from The Body Shop and ever since I have been hooked. I have been loving the strawberry shower gel - the set as a whole is just admirable & I'd recommend everyone to use it. It has transformed my skin so so much & being cruelty-free, it relieves you of any breakouts from chemicals that are often used in beauty products, it softens any eczema that is visible on your skin and overall, makes the skin so smooth and soft it's like heaven. I'm still working my way through all the products and so far I've used the shower gel, body polish and moisturiser. You can find it here:

What is included in the gift set? Find them individually below.

Strawberry Shower gel:

Strawberry Softening Body Polish:

Strawberry Softening Moisturiser:

Strawberry Hand Cream:

Strawberry Body Mist:

Through February, I found myself venturing out to new products that were very kindly given to me if I hadn't bought them when supposedly "browsing" in the shops. 

Nivea Facial Wash - I stopped using facial wipes throughout winter as they were drying out my face so quickly and it caused my face to clog up and itch, so nasty! After using Nivea Facial Wash, my skin was fresher and less clogged up with dirt and impurities/dead skin cells. It was nice to let my skin breathe and has definitely relieved my skin of the excess dirt hiding within my face. If I had a UV light to show the state of my skin before, I think I'd be disgustingly shocked for sure. Since it's been my everyday facial wash and I daren't switch from it just yet!! You can find it here:

Mandara Spa 'Amber Heaven' Nourishing Body Cream - This has definitely been my go-to moisturiser and my skin has been adapting to this body cream, especially on my face as it gets so dry! Throughout winter, dry skin happens to be the most common outrage on people's skin, so having this cream was definitely my saviour. Not only has it made my skin super soft, but it's made it more clear and radiant. After having so many compliments on how fresh my skin looks, I'd definitely recommend it to everybody! 
You can find it here:

Baylis & Harding 'Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit' Body Butter - This isn't my favourite nor is it my least favourite as it lies in the middle. The very sweet, addictive smell is lovely and it cuddles my skin quite nicely. Not too suffocating and definitely allows the skin to breathe. Just applying small amounts does wonders for the skin, freeing it from all aspects of dryness, dirty and ruggedness. I can't seem to find it on the internet, but if there's an alternative, it'll be linked below. :) 

Soap and Glory 'Smoothie Star' Body Milk / Body Lotion - My mum kindly gave me this when I lived at home for 2 weeks in January and it's probably my favourite product from Soap and Glory at the moment. Smoothie star has a combination of all things good in my opinion; Almond, Cocoa, Yoghurt, Oat and Honey formula really gives that "chilled night" vibe and smells out of this world! I can't stress enough how good these ingredients are together in one. If it does anything it'll bring your skin bouncing back and feeling elegant as ever! 
You can find it here:

For years, I had been wanting to go to a concert. When I was 18 years old, I and a friend was meant to go Forever The Sickest Kids in Birmingham, but unfortunately life got in the way and became unable to attend *cries* as my brother's car broke down... it was so disappointing and after hating the world all day, life went on. This year, I managed to secure myself and Ash a ticket to go see Speaking In Shadows on their farewell tour. Gutted beyond belief that they are going their separate ways, but what they're leaving behind (the music) is incredible and will definitely live on!! Seeing these amazing guys live after nearly 5 years of supporting them, I felt honoured to share the final experience with them in Leeds. It was heartbreaking, to say the least, but jamming out with them to one of my favourite songs Sweet Gemini the best moment I've ever had. 

Last but no means least, I have been cooking more in my new flat!! It's so exciting because I've been becoming more confident in the kitchen, creating some exciting dishes for me and Ash to try. As you can see, it's nothing special but it's definitely healthy which is what I need after eating so many Mcdonalds! In the near future, it'll be featured on my blog on how I cook my meals so do keep an eye out for that chapter of my blog. I'm sure it'll be very fun to create fun content around my meals.

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