Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Autumn | Primark and Lush Haul

Autumn is by far one of my favourite seasons of the year, it's so snuggly and Halloween, Bonfire night & Christmas are fast approaching! I also love it for the candles. I am OBSESSED! Yankee candles are by far my favourite, but then again Primark do some lovely ones too, as do many other shops. 

Today was payday for me, and after a hard struggling month of stress, I decided that today I would cheer myself up massively & treat myself. So it's exactly what I did. I went to Lush & Primark (two of my favourite shops!!) and picked up a few things, as I didn't want to over-do it and become a shopaholic again, like in February this year. (my bad) 

Here's what I purchased:

All above photo's taken by myself (Jade Kelly) Unless otherwise stated


Rose Gold Candle Holder: £2.50
Christmas Candle: £1.50
Blanket/Throw: £12


Facial Cleanser: £7.25
Toner Water: £4.25

Whilst in Primark, I always hover around the home section. I have no clue to why, but it just makes me feel happy. So today I took advantage and purchased my items. OMFG at the blanket/throw whatever you want to call it.. IT'S THE SOFTEST THING EVER AND SO CUDDLY AND WOW SOFTNESS. It makes me happy. And my obsession for candles, is continuing. 

Moving onto Lush: I feel like I will have to do a review as I haven't used their facial products before, but I'm super excited to whack them on and see how it treats my skin. I've never really suffered from spots or blemishes, ever.. But I do sometimes, get dry skin and it drives me insane. I put some on my arm in the shop, well the sales advisor did, and I fell inlove!!!! (I won't say with what or who, lol just kidding)
But yeah, I also went for the 'Cupcake' face mask as it smells amazing. As they don't have any more tubs in stock (due to being so popular) Lush gave me a sample and I'm so excited to use it. 

I feel like in these types of posts, I ramble on.. But they're fun. I get too excited !
What are your Autumn essentials??



  1. The throw looks SO soft and cosy!
    My autumn essentials are definitely cosy blankets, nice smelling candles, hot tea and sweets in bed! :D


    1. It's by far the softest thing I have ever cuddled, ever! So cosy when you're ill in bed too! Definitely recommend it :)

  2. obsessed with lush, i'd love to try both the cleanser and toner!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Definitely recommend it, it's been amazing on my skin :)