Thursday, 15 October 2015

Uni room | Final year

So it's my final year of University & I just wanted to share a few snaps of my bedroom. Next year, I'm moving to brighton before/after graduation, hopefully before, so this post will be definitely something I'll look back on :) I've just had my cat move in with me at university too, she's literally my everything! So glad we can have pets. 

My book/dvd collection is definitely growing!

All photo's are by myself, Jade Kelly. Do not take without permission, thanks :)

The first photo, is basically who i used to work for and now what i volunteer for. Unicef, is a good cause for anyone to be apart of, it's all about raising awareness for children and families in third world countries. I'm currently running a society which revolves around it, which is amazing. If you want to donate, go to :) 

If it wasn't obvious, I have a mini book collection with all the ones that make me happy. What are your favourite books??

These photo's in general, make me so so happy.