Monday, 14 December 2015

The Fine Cotton company | Wishlist

The Fine Cotton Company | Wishlist

So recently I have strolled upon a lovely website called 'The Fine Cotton Company' & thought I'd share what I love from the website. As I'm a third year University student, I'm already looking to move away from home and start my life in Brighton. I thought I'd share a few things that I'd more than likely like to include in my new apartment. 
(All opinions are my own, this is NOT a sponsored post)

Cashmere Throws/Blanket
 I have came across this amazing website The Fine Cotton Company & instantly fell in-love with their cashmere blankets! I'm going for a more 'warm' theme for when I move down south. Something more elegant and chic, I feel these blankets would look great in my new bedroom or a guest bedroom! Also, they'd be a great present for someone who LOVES blankets, they're perfect for picnic outings in the Summer!

Venice Towels
Lugano Cotton Towels
Como Organic Cotton Towels
Moving onto bathroom essentials, you have got to have super soft towels! I'm a sucker for them & because of my skin type, I have to have something soft cradling my skin after a bath/shower. These towels are my favourites within the website & what catches my eye is the fluffy-ness!! 

Monogrammed Slippers
Remaining in the bathroom category, I came across these slippers. I personally think these should be worn at home and not just in hotels/spa's!! Why not pamper yourself at home?! :) They look and no doubt feel, incredibly soft and comfortable. 

Luxury Cotton Mattress & Pillow Protectors
Last but not least, for a new bed in a new home, whether your new place is furnished or you buy everything you need.. comfort of where you sleep is very important. I have a back problem, so I have to be very comfortable while I sleep otherwise I'll be all achy the next day. Mattress protectors are designed to keep your mattress from wasting away and supply extra comfort. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you're looking for new items for your home, do give The Fine Cotton Company a browse as you'll find some amazing stuff and bargains! :) What are your favourites? I'd love to hear.