Friday, 16 December 2016

OOTD | November 2016

* This post is not an AD, all opinions are my own. All photo's are my own unless stated otherwise *

So I have a lot of outstanding posts to upload from November, so thought I'd start with this! As I've been ill all week and only had the chance to post now. 

I'm not really one to focus on my outfit but on 21st November, I was meeting a friend for some drinks and this outfit has been my go-to recently. It's nothing special but it is really comfy and trendy for the winter months! 

Jumper: From - Maria Soft Knit Jumper Dress £20. I've had this jumper since the beginning of the year, and it has been my go to recently with it being baggy on me and really cold outdoors. I chose the black one because it just compliments my figure a lot better which I like and it's super soft! It's still in stock so I'll definitely have to buy some more soon!!

Jeans: From - Mid Blue Power Stretch Skinny Jeans £13. I'm so fussy when it comes to jeans so finding these saved me, literally. I got mine in a size 12 and they are so so big on me! I definitely think I need a smaller size, but I like them being a bit baggy around my waist, as weird as that sounds, as having a tight fit would strain my stomach area. A nice colour that goes with anything too!!

Phone case: From - I've actually mentioned this in a favourites from 2015 and I've had it on my phone ever since! It has protected my phone from my mood swings (not even joking) and survived the most deadly of drops. If you're looking for a sturdy phone case, give this company a try!!

That's it for my OOTD, if you have any outfit recommendations then feel free to leave them in the comments! Love, Jaydee xo

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