Friday, 18 November 2016

What's in my November Birchbox? | 2016

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This month's Birchbox was actually a lot more different than last months. I've seen a lot of people complain recently about how they were disappointed that they weren't getting enough in their box or wasn't adapting to their products. I personally thought this box was pretty awesome, yes, there weren't many products but you still get your monies worth. After all, it's not about how much you get, it's about what you get and if you like it... right?

The first product I tried was the Nuxe crème Prodigieuse (RRP £21*)
After a sleepless night, I reached for this. It refreshes your complexion to boost the skin's antioxidant levels, restores hydration and boosts tired skin. Just by applying it to your face and neck in circular motions, you begin to feel more alert and awake, which at 6am in the morning is great! The only downside for me was the scent of it, it became a bit too strong at one point and gave me a headache. I think I may have used too much but it is an amazing product to use!

When it comes to looking after your hair, it can be stressful. A few days ago I washed my hair after feeling crappy that day and reached for the Beauty Protector - Protect and Detangle (RRP £18.50*) 
My hair is like mermaid hair on a good day, but it becomes greasy and dry so quickly, which I hate. The bottle smells so frickin' good it's unreal. I just sit there on my bed occasionally and smell it, is that weird...? ha. After washing my hair, I sprayed this in my hair. As it's a leave in conditioner, I was a bit scared. BUT, it has kept my hair from getting greasy, dry and icky. In fact, it has made my hair more vibrant and smell fantastic. As a first impression, I absolutely love this product. It has made my hair so much healthier. I would definitely recommend this to everyone especially those who have dry hair, it is a miracle worker! Thumbs up to Birchbox :) 

Hairbrushes can be hard to find, especially ones suited for your hair type. Wet Brush (RRP £11.99*) leaves your hair looking elegant, that's for sure. 
Start by brushing your hair from the bottom and work your way up to the top on wet or dry hair, it will make it so nice and soft. I was apprehensive about trying this as my hair falls out all the time whenever I brush it. It even did so when I used this but it hurt less. 

One thing I despise about winter is when my lips get split and chapped. I used the Lip Tar (RRP £15*) 
Which is a primer for your lips. Cruelty-free also, which is a bonus. However, I haven't reached for this as often as I have with my vaseline as I forgot. When I did use it, it felt great sending my lips so soft. It has actually nourished my lips so much that they aren't that rough compared to last week. I would definitely recommend this lip product if you're looking for something cruelty-free and a product that actually works for dry lips, use this! you won't look back. 

Last but not least, Marcelle Golden Glow Illuminator (RRP £25.50*)
I've never used an illuminator before so this was a total risk. After applying it, I noticed a difference straight away. You can wear it on its own or with a foundation. I decided to apply a foundation over it and immediately I saw the glow it gave my skin underneath. I would definitely be purchasing this again, but the bigger version... it's left my skin feeling clear and less rough. I couldn't be more pleased. If you want to try it out then, by all means, do. It is a great cover up especially with tiredness underneath the eyes. 

My favourite product out of the box has to be the Beauty Protector leave in conditioner. It has catered my hair nicely and I can't wait to buy the bigger bottle and use it in my everyday routines. 

Thanks for reading, see you soon :) 
Love Jaydee xo 

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