Thursday, 10 November 2016

Candle Haul and Favourites | 2016

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Recently I have been loving a range of different candles. If you read my posts last year, you'll know that I love berry scented candles. This year I have branched out and discovered a range of different scents and want to share my favourite ones with you guys. :) 

1) Glade - Timeless Joy, Warm Spiced Orange 

Autumn is probably one of my favourite seasons of the year, other than Winter. It's that time where all the sweet but warm scents are released to make your house smell amazing. This candle has literally been the one I burn all the time in the evening as it makes my room smell incredible. I have just gone through my first one and have bought another one, as I'm so in love with the scent. It smells like heaven in a candle.. but no, it smells like a really sweet orange but with a warmer, smell that lingers. Before even lighting it, it makes your house/bedroom smell incredible. I'm so upset that it's a limited edition one, as I love it so much but hopefully, I can find something similar in the future.

2) Glade - Honey and Chocolate 

Okay, so this scent is a very unusual scent for me to have in a candle variety. But when I was shopping I came across it and instantly loved the scent of it. It smells more of chocolate than honey, but it's a light smell and makes your house smell like a chocolate factory, which I believe to be incredible. I haven't yet lit this candle but I'm so eager to one day this week. 

3) George Home - Wild Berry

I don't usually go exploring around Asda for their own brand candles but when I and my best friend went the other day, I came across this one. It's a lot sweeter than the others but smells incredibly warm. Wildberry or frost berry candles are my ultimate favourite, so I chose this one and hopefully it makes my house smell lovely. 

4) Tesco - Spiced Berry 

My mum actually introduced me to this candle. I kept taking hers and sitting in her living room smelling the candle for like an hour. It's just that good! So I bought my own when I was last in Tesco & as you can see in the photo, I have used it and it smells like an orgasm in a jar, not even kidding. This is probably my all time favourite after the Spiced Orange candle it smells so incredible. As winter is fast approaching, this candle is ideal for any month really but especially around Autumn/Winter. 

If you want to try any of the candles above, then check out Asda and Tesco supermarkets before they sell out. My "J" candle, unfortunately, burnt completely weird and I now just keep it for decoration. Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it's helped to discover some low-budget candles for the colder months ahead. :) 

Love Jaydee xo 

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