Friday, 4 November 2016

What's in my October Birchbox? | 2016

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It's taken me a few days to write this as I've been super busy and wanted to try out the products. I've never had a subscription to Birchbox, so when I discovered it I was super excited to receive it and try out products I've never used before. As of right now I'm loving this box of goodies so so much and can't wait for my November box to arrive!
Throughout October, Birchbox had created star sign boxes with different things in for each zodiac sign. I got mine at random because I didn't have my birthday listed so that's why mine says Earth. If my birthday was listed I would have got Air, but I'm super happy with the one I got as the products are simply amazing. 

The first product I used was the Doux Me pure spring mist/water (RRP £16*) 
You can use this over your makeup which rests really nice on your face. It isn't heavy and it sets your makeup as well as freshens up your face. I've been reaching for this quite a lot as I have dry skin and this spray has given my skin the moisture it was lacking. First impression of this product is that it's amazing for your skin, hydrating your complexion whilst giving your skin the nourishment it needs. I would definitely recommend. I am definitely considering buying a larger bottle from the Birchbox website. 

When I saw my full sized make up product in the box I was super excited. It's the LOC x Millie - Ultra gloss lip pencil in Bohemian Rose (RRP £9*)
Yes, this was designed and named by Millie Macintosh. However it not something I'd reach for on a daily basis. It's nice but I like my lipsticks/glosses to feel smoother and nourish my lips. This product didn't necessarily do that but it did look nice on. I'd recommend it to those who like a lighter lip but do apply a base first because it can dry out your lips, unless that was just me..? ha. Would I buy this in the future? I don't know, possibly. 

Putting oils on your hair can be tricky, especially if you have frizzy hair like mine. Number 4 - Fluoro5 Elixer Restore and Repair Oil (RRP £18*) 
Surely it's not just me who has been sceptical about hair oils? well, this one has done justice for my hair. No word of a lie... it has actually stopped it from getting frizzy (unless the rain catches me or I wake up with bed head..) but OH MY GOODNESS it's amazing. I am totally singing the praises of this brand because in my eyes, it's totally worth the money if it's going to make your hair feel 1000 times better. It's good for dry hair, split ends etc. and literally leaves your hair super soft after every wash. Definitely getting stocked up on this for sure!!

Sleep is becoming a thing for me where I don't get much of it as my body has other plans. So I was really excited to use This works - Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (RRP £16*)
If you're anything like me, using this spray actually helps you sleep for longer. Although I'm not a lavendar lover, I have enjoyed using this spray and the smell that lingers is just out of this world. Does it help you sleep better? oh yes definitely. It has helped my get to sleep so quickly over the last two weeks and I couldn't be any happier. I'm definitely going to introduce my family and friends to this! It's totally a God-send product if you struggle to sleep for long periods of time. 

Okay so I haven't got round to using everything in the box. So the Rituals Hammam Body Mud (RRP £14*) & the Triology - Vital moisturising cream (RRP £24.50) have been untouched but I am getting round to using them and I cannot wait. I will most likely feature them in a favourites as I can tell I'm going to love them so very much :)

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