Friday, 14 October 2016

September Favourites | 2016

After a while of not doing favourites, I've decided it was nice to have a chatty blog post about what I have been enjoying throughout September. I'm hoping to keep up the regular posts, as the next few months are my favourite time of the year!  

Body Products

When it comes to Soap and Glory, I fall weak on my knee's. I mean, who doesn't? Their products are out of this world!!! The Sugar Crush Body Buttercream is what I reach for most, whenever I'm in Boots. I think it's the best therapy for dry skin and for me, I suffer badly from dry skin especially in the Autumn and Winter months. It also smells AMAZING! What more do you want? 

The next moisturiser I tend to reach for quite often is the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula body lotion. I use it every day if I'm not reaching for my soap and glory set, and it soothes my skin so nicely. As I've previously said, I regularly get dry skin and this product literally nourished my skin back to health. It smoothes marks, such as stretch marks, scars etc. and tones the skin. It has done my skin wonders and looks very healthy every day, which makes me feel great :) 

I walk quite a lot, for my job as a Home care assistant I am constantly on my feet and it's started to split my skin. I apply Heel Genius every day, sometimes two times a day, depending on how sore they are. I have recently pulled off a lot of dead skin (ew!) off also and If I'm honest, this cream has allowed my feet to breathe and is slowly nourishing them back to health. As we speak, I am currently researching some new remedies to help the soreness of my feet, so if you have any suggestions, please comment some below :) 

When it comes to deodorant I am very, very picky. I have to try new stuff all the time because having the same brand constantly, breaks my underarm skin and it's very painful. Recently I have been loving, Garnier Mineral UltraDry 48H deodorant and it's made my skin softer than usual and smelt fantastic! I'd highly recommend it. It's the one deodorant I have been able to stick with all Summer into the Autumnal season and It's great. I can't see myself changing anytime soon :) 

Make-up Products

I'm no expert when it comes to putting makeup on like all these amazing beauty gurus on Youtube, but I have tried recently to reach out for new products. I have noticed as well, all my favourite makeup products are in fact by Rimmel London. I literally love their products!!

Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation has been my go to foundation all of September. Usually, I go for the red-capped foundation by Rimmel, but that started feeling heavy on my skin, so I changed to Match Perfection and I'm glad I did! It's proven to be very light on my face and hasn't created any rough patches on my cheeks, like other foundations, have in the past, so this foundation is a massive difference. I use the 100 Ivory shade, as my tan has now vanished and I need a bit of colour in my face. 

Another product by Rimmel I have been loving is the Wake me up Concealer. Due to my job, I rarely sleep for 8 hours anymore and always seem to have dark circles under my eyes and it's hideous. So using this concealer helps me feel confident that it's masking up the tiredness underneath my eyes which is such a great feeling. I use this in the shade 010 Ivory, similar to my foundation and it blends in super well!

I don't like to 'draw' on my eyebrows, like what even is that and why is it a popular thing?? Filling them is what I see most people do and I think that's more acceptable as I use the Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil 001 Black, as it isn't too dark on my brows but gives them the boost they need in order to finish my makeup look. I also love the little brush on the end that may or may not have been the reason I bought it... ha!!

Books & Music

Throughout August beginning of September, I went through a break up that kind of pushed me back into a never ending circle of hating who I was. After a while of feeling gloomy, I decided to start reading in order to focus my mind on something else.
I began to read a book my mum loaned me called A Place to Call Home by Carole Matthews. It helped with focusing my mind and quite frankly it helped me find some peace with the recent events and I couldn't be happier for it. :) The book itself is so beautiful and the story is something you imagine as a little girl... Maybe in the future when I've completely finished it, I will do a book review or something. Definitely, a good read especially to escape real life situations. 

Since x-factor 2012 I've been a huge fan of James Arthur. He randomly disappeared from the limelight until recently and I jumped for joy when he made his big comeback! His new single Say You Won't Let Go literally gave me goosebumps when I first heard it. 

It's taken me a while to publish this, because soon I'll be doing my October favourites ha! But here are the few things I've been loving! there was a lot more but I didn't want to make the post super-long as my first official post back. 

Much Love, 
Jaydee xo 

this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own :) Do not take my photo's without my permission, all are my own unless stated otherwise. 

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