Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Weekend away in London | 2016

The fact I'm 21 year old and have never left the UK or gone to London until a week or so ago, is quite an "oh my god" moment right?

Well... I HAVE NOW BEEN TO LONDON! (yay) & I am so inlove with it. I think the only thing I didn't enjoy about it though, was seeing all the homeless people. I just wanted to help them so much and give them a hug :( (if i ever got wealthy, my money would go on them!!) But other than that, i enjoyed the views of London & ticked so much off my 2016 bucket list! 
This was also something that was on my New Years Resolution list - to travel more and visit places I've never been... Safe to say I'm sticking to it (for once) ;) 

*sings* WE'RE GOING TO LONDONNNNN TO BUY A HEAT MAGAZINE! (I was in fact singing this all the way around London ;) haha!) - I'm not normal!

**This is a long post, as I turned into a tourist on my visit**

 We stayed in the most AMAZING hotel in Euston on our visit, and I just had to capture it because just look, it's the most comfortable looking hotel I've ever visited for sure!!

 Visiting Buckingham Palace was nice, as the Queen was home (me and her are like besties) and well, yano... It was all for the experience and it was SUPER BUSY! Take it everyone had the same idea as me that weekend ;) 

 To anyone who's been to London, this is trafalgar square right?? I was unsure as my two friends were my tour guide(s) and took me to the 'best' places :) The landmarks in this city are beyond beautiful!! 

 Big fan of mexican food!! Check out 'Tortilla' near Trafalgar square if you're a foodie like myself! :) 

 Sight-seeing & taking star wars photo's to tease my family as they love it.. me however... not a big fan ;)

Totally caught them both in the act ;)
 Embankment (I think) was the next on our list of places to see, & safe to say this was my favourite place to visit as I fell completely IN LOVE!!! 

 We then finished our first day in SoHo, for a classy night out (which kinda ended weirdly) and then we moved on to the next day! :) 

(These above we're also from our first day & night out in SoHo)

 The day after the night before: Being extremely hungover and vulnerable (oops) we took a lovely trip to Harrods, went to GBK, Sea life and visited the Ice bar! Safe to say these were also my favourite things about London, especially the Ice Bar, I was totally mind blown!!

The night then came to a wonderful end, having dinner at Rain Forest cafe (definitely would recommend!) & drinking cocktails whilst exploring piccadilly (i think it was) before heading back to our hotel, for a good nights rest.

For my first time in London, it was by far one of the best experiences of my life & I can't wait until I go back again :) 
The next day, on the way home.. I unfortunately got stuck on the Newcastle train at newark **laughs** due to some woman being what I call, 'thick', and headed back to my hometown... luckily I didn't end up in Newcastle, otherwise I would have been off on another adventure :P 

I have more photo's to share, so there will be a shorter post & a video on my Youtube Channel going up in the next couple of days or so! Keep your eyes peeled for that! :) 

Leave recommendations on where I should visit in London next, or any other cities that are good! 



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