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December Favourites | 2015

I genuinely thought I would get potentially better at posting on here, but turns out I haven't at all. Sorry for the delay, "better late than never", right? ;-) I love writing long favourites like this, long but fun to write!

My favourite thing about December, was finding this quote. It set my mood for the month and made me so much more excited for 2016. This speaks to me in so many ways, because 2015 was indeed one of the worst years I've experienced and this post gave me so much hope to remain focused on the important things and set goals to achieve! Safe to say, I'm getting there, I hope ;)

 One thing that annoys me more is rough feeling feet! It actually makes my stomach turn. Throughout December I had to use this a lot as my feet were so dry and icky... I've not looked back since. Heel Genius, is by far one of the BEST foot creams I've used. If you have dry feet/skin do use this, it sends your feet so soft and removes dead skin and bumps (you'll know what I'm on about, if you walk a lot like I do) I highly recommend it :) 

So for Christmas, My brother's girlfriend bought me a Lush gift set and this shower gel was in it. I won't lie it is amazing BUT I wouldn't rate it all that much, as the smell kind of gives me a bit of a dizzy spell, however.. It does leave my skin remarkably soft! I'd love to try other Lush shower gels within the near future, for sure :)

I say this a lot in most of my posts, I suffer from having VERY dry skin. Which for me, sucks really bad. Simple face wash, has been my saviour all throughout December and has actually cleared my skin from dirt and blackheads and unclogged my pores. I am OBSESSED! Definitely need to purchase some more as it's my go-to facial wash. I also picked up the Mitchum roll on deodorant, and it smells like baby powder. Is that weird? I love the smell of it ha, and it stops you sweating and being smelly better than most products If I'm honest. I also have many people tell me I smell like baby powder when I wear it, makes me laugh every time ha!! If you want a new facial wash or deodorant  then check these out! You won't regret it!

 My mum was teasing me about a Christmas present and she found these. I think they're replica's and tbh they are AMAZING. Unfortunately I don't actually have them...yet. BUT my mum is still on the hunt for me. She loves to tease me about shoes aha. I definitely fell inlove with these because of the heel, I'm not a feel lover but these... WOW. It doesn't matter to me if they are 'real' or not, I was raised to appreciate what I had and I most certainly do! It's not about the price tag, or the brand, it's all about comfort for me :P 

Throughout December Starbucks was my go-to as it was super cold! My favourite christmas drink by far was the Honey and Almond hot chocolate, like O M G. If you've not tried it, In December, check it out! I'm already excited again haha.

Whilst being at university, Lincoln opens their own christmas market. IT IS AMAZING and I love going to it. In december I went with some friends and we went on the Ferris Wheel. Safe to say I was SO scared... :( and my housemate kept spinning it which made me more scared. The weather was such a let down though, as it was blistering cold & rainy! But that didn't stop us. These are literally the only two photo's I managed to capture & my friend bought £10 worth of sweet, such a funny memory :')

After a morning appointment at the hospital, me and my housemate managed to capture some pretty amazing photo's of the Lincoln Brayford. This was probably half 9 in the morning if not earlier and it was unbelievably beautiful :) 

Who doesn't love Ice-skating? I DO! if you read my posts, you'll know that I adore Ice-hockey. Myself, Andrew and Alex all went ice-skating and it was amazing, none of us fell and it was such a good way to have a laugh before leaving for Christmas Break! Really wish it was still here, as its cold enough..ha.

I finally get to announce that I'm going to be an aunty for the first time. This is my little nephew at 25weeks and 2 days! :) Definitely one of my favourite moments of December and I'm so excited for him to be here!! ahh just look at how little he is :)) so cute!

So my step-dad proposed (again) to my mum on Christmas eve and it was the cutest but funniest thing I have ever witnessed, I was most definitely crying with laughter! Don't ask about the outfit because I really can't explain why he's dressed like that... ha.

Christmas presents from my brother! :) 

The last lot of photo's were from when I went home from University for Christmas. I was re-united with my little princess pepsi (black cat) and my big ol' fluffy ginger man, sisco. They BOTH wouldn't leave my side lol and they cuddled me for hours! 
I also included a few photo's from christmas day, It was all about family for me, and my cats.. I got some AMAZING presents and I'm extremely thankful to have such great family to spoil me rotten! Lucky to say the least. Throughout the holidays I drank a lot of wine and ate a lot of junk! No shame at all.

I also dyed my hair (photo above) and it looks like I have highlights. I am planning on going a brown/blonde colour this year, as after all my natural hair colour is intact Blonde!
 (the colour is mystic purple and you can purchase it from boots for £4/5 :) 

Hope you enjoyed this post <3



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