Sunday, 6 November 2016

5 ways to improve your life | 2016

Firstly I am no expert nor am I portraying myself to be one, but throughout October I struggled with a lot of things within myself, mentally, physically, financially etc. & It was a draining month hence why I've objected to doing an October Favourites post, as I wasn't loving very much.
If you're open to change then continue reading as this is what worked for me, it may not work for everyone but I'm hopeful that it could impact someone's life at least.

1) Look after yourself 
It's very important to look after yourself, starting with you. Paint your nails, dye your hair or spend 3 hours in the bath until you look like a shrivelled prune lol, either way, do something that makes you feel good. I sometimes do my makeup different or position my hair a different way to boost my confidence if I'm having a bad day. Go running or walking for 2 hours a day to clear your mind, create a playlist on your phone of all the best songs you listen to and just lose yourself in it. Eat the correct foods that your body requires but also have a little cheat day to balance it out. I'm not food god, but it's what keeps your body going. Put yourself first and look after YOU. 

2) Cut toxic people out of your life
Why am I saying that? Because negativity is a strong and powerful drainer which consumes 99.9% of your energy and quite frankly it's horrible. Having people who are negative and toxic in your life changes the way you look at things and how you choose to live your life. Having a more positive mindset will help you achieve more goals and targets that you set yourself, rather than pushing good things away with a negative approach. Toxic people target the most vulnerable people and take advantage of them being in a low mindset, so making sure you're clear of them types of people is what will make your life more happy and free. 

3) Do what makes you happy 
Stop trying to please everybody, because you're not here for them. Ever heard of the saying, "You're here for a reason, find your own path" ? well, do exactly that and you can't go wrong. Find something that makes you happy, like blogging, exercising, dancing etc. Anything that makes you feel some sort of release and brings a smile to your face. You only have one life, so live it the way YOU want and make fantastic memories. 

4) Be a kind person
Whether it's helping a little old lady over the road or donating spare money to charity. Do something nice for someone else by being a kind person. This world lacks kind hearted people as there is so much hate surrounding it at the moment. So when you wake up be positive within yourself and make someone else smile that day. Even if you say good morning, it will make their entire day. OR better yet, be kind to yourself. Treat yourself to something you've wanted for a long time, take yourself for a lovely chilled out run/walk or surround yourself with good friends and family. It helps, trust me. :) 

5) Love who you are 
Before anyone else can love you, you need to learn to love yourself. Accept your flaws, your imperfections and embrace them. They don't make you a bad person, they make you unique. Loving who you are is NOT vain, it's appreciating that you're happy with yourself and comfortable in being who you are, especially when around other people. Love your personality, body, mind and creativeness because one day you'll look back and wonder why you didn't. 

I hope this helps at least one person. It is a long process but absolutely worth it. These points have helped me take a step back from my life and remember the importance of it. Even if you include at least one into your life, it will make a great difference :)

Love Jaydee xo 

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