Sunday, 31 December 2017

What a year you've been, 2017.

2017... Where do I begin? 

Thank you. Thank you for being challenging to say the least. Throughout I have had good moments and not so good moments but let's just focus on what truly matters. So at beginning of the year, I set myself some resolutions and for once, stuck to them. Not going into detail every single thing I have achieved or what has challenged me so I'll just list a few. 

I Graduated from the University of Lincoln with a BA Honours Degree in Film & Television. It was a great opportunity to have, to walk across the stage within the most beautiful Cathedral, ever. I can say I finally have my degree & my best friend, alongside my family were there to witness it. Forever thankful. 

I met my other half and ever since we went on our first date, we have been together. 10 months down the line and we are about to move in together in our first flat! So exciting yet so scary!! 
If you told me at the start of 2017 I would be moving in with someone I'm madly in love with, I'd have laughed in your face. Look at us now, January 2018 we will be seeing each other every day (help) haha. 

First tattoo actually happened. I kid you not, I barely even flinched. I think this was mentioned in my March favourites but it's a fantastic memory to look back on due to the fact, I had broken ribs at the time and it was so spontaneous. "Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful phrase" if you sang that, I'm proud.

I left a job that was destroying me as a person, literally. I didn't recognise who I became as I dedicated the best part of 16 months of my life to serve the community whilst being slammed to the ground. Let's just say, leaving was the best thing I ever did. Finally have my life back and definitely much happier, healthier and more relaxed.

Had my surgery and battled a tough recovery. As hard as it was, it has made me stronger for the better. I see it as an opportunity to keep myself healthy while still recovering and not to fall downstairs into a brick wall again hahaha! But no, the whole experience was definitely eye-opening and I'm ever so thankful to have gone through what I did.

Achieved amazing things. Such as taking part in a relay drive for Children in Need again for the second time. Although I didn't drive the relay, I drove home and had so much fun in doing so. On roads I've never been on the challenge was gratefully accepted and achieved. I am due to pass on 18th January 2018 after a previous cancellation (due to poor weather) and let's hope I nail it!

All in all, 2017 has encountered so many good memories I will cherish forever. Although going through harder times made me want to give up, I kept going and I'm glad because tonight is all about putting the difficult times to bed, embracing the amazing moments and looking forward to the future. 2017... again, thank you for being a whirlwind of good and bad, I've achieved more than I expected. 7/10 resolutions to be exact which is fine by me. Here's to 2018, let's make more incredible memories and kick ass!!


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