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Thor: Ragnarok Review/Fangirling moment | 2017

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I haven't done a Film review in about a year or so & I've been itching to do this for a while now but rarely ever go to the cinema anymore as I'm always busy with work. Lame excuse, yes, but when I managed to go, Thor: Ragnarok was on and it did not disappoint.

Marvel films are literally the best, I mean Stan Lee is the ultimate hero for giving us these amazing comics and letting people lose themselves in the illusion of superheroes kicking ass. Films like these are the reason I studied FTV (film and television) at University. The people who make these films possible, make me jealous... extremely jealous as I'd love to be able to direct a superhero movie, or just be behind the scenes, I mean, how cool would that be?

Thor is imprisoned on a different side of the universe, fighting against time to get back to Asgard to defeat his new foe, The Ruthless Hela, in order to stop Ragnarok which would see the end of his homeworld. Taking Loki under his wing after learning he isn't dead, they team up with a familiar ally who he has to defeat to gain his trust once more. Along the way, Thor becomes 'pals' with Korg and Meek, a beloved duo within the plot. All coming together as one to allow the storyline to unfold.

My main focus was on the story, the cheesy one-liners and the AWESOME costume designs, CGI, and all the immense camera work. Suppose you can say I was in my element, film degree is handy for something. I cannot praise the development process, the actors/actresses, directors/producers and all the team behinds the scenes, enough for all the time and effort that has gone behind this film. Such dedication to keeping the iconic Superhero stereotype and genre more alive than ever. The entire film as a whole did not disappoint, going to watch it I had quite low expectations and didn't think it would be that great... how wrong I was. The camera work and each angle just fit, there were a few things I would have done different but that's what makes peoples style of the film so unique. However, you could tell how much passion had been put into every element of the film. From camera work to costumes, to the scripts being on point, actors looking so amazing and just wow. Am I fangirling? not sorry!

I'm babbling and this probably doesn't make a single bit of sense, but oh well. Can we just appreciate how beautiful Chris Hemsworth is though? I mean come on we are all thinking it. I cannot get my head around him not playing Thor... Physically can't visualise anyone else in that role. He fulfills his character so well and even his cheesy jokes just have me in stitches. The transition of his appearance within this film, well, I had to double take a few times and more or less became hypnotised by his hot-I mean nice looking face (nice save right? haha). Jokes aside, the fact the directors/writers or whoever made the decision to have Thor with short hair just made him more dreamy.

Mark Ruffalo, legendary actor to say the least. I've followed his films since I was younger and never fails to amaze me. Playing Hulk, just makes me love him more. Although his character is a crazy green wild child in a giants body, he's literally the ideal match I reckon. Can't praise him enough as his acting is flawless. I rarely ever say that about actors so when it's said, that's how you know it's won me over.
There are so many characters to sing praises for but I won't continue to do so as I will just be typing until next December haha. Although one of my new favourites is indeed "Korg" who's played by Taika Waititi who also directed the film, HOW INSANE is that?! Jealously level has just increased for sure. But no, Korg is probably the funniest and cutest on-screen personality with his partner in crime Meek, watch the film to see why.

This has been no means a review... it's been a post of me fangirling, again. Can't be helped though, so go watch this film. It's SOOOOO good. Maybe I should promote films for a living? mind that I'd be a crap promoter hahaha!

Thanks for reading!

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