Wednesday, 15 November 2017

5 ways to overcome a tough day

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What do you consider a hard day? How do you unwind?
These are the questions I ask myself when I have had an unsettling day. Whether that's at work, shopping or spending the day at home. A hard day can also just be suffering from mental health which happened to me quite a lot in the last couple of months. 

1. Step away from social media
Whether you're watching Snapchat stories, reading on Twitter/Facebook or scrolling endlessly on Instagram, put your phone down and step away from any aspect of social media. I recently found myself on social media after a hard day and all I did was tear myself apart, comparing my "crap" life to other people's and to be honest, it's just not worth it. Nobodies life is perfect and social media is a false representation of what people live like. So step back, put your phone or laptop away and find other ways to focus your mind. 

2. Listen to your favourite music 
A song that has really helped make a hard day more bearable is Move you by Kelly Clarkson as the lyrics are just... comforting. As sad as the song is when you're singing you just forget everything. This song has helped me recently through the transition of leaving a job which destroyed me as a person, took away the excitement from my life and just drained me mentally. My boyfriend introduced me to this song & now I am obsessed. Highly recommend it to anyone who is finding it difficult to unwind after a tough day.

3. Read a book 
The best books to read are the ones you can get lost in, those that leave you in awe. I am a HUGE Nicholas Sparks fan and his writing just makes me feel so happy especially dealing with a difficult day. One of my all-time favourites is "A walk to remember" - read it and you'll see why :) 

4. Take a very long shower/bath
Washing the stress you feel away is the best feeling in the world. Spend those extra 10 minutes washing your hair, or singing so badly your housemates/neighbours bang on the walls to shout "shut up" to you, give yourself a nice soak in the bath and throw as many bath bombs in as you can. Just have that time to bring yourself back to normality and relax. 

5. Write it all down 
If you have a journal, great... write in it. Or if you have a blog, then write it down. Personally, I put all my stresses into scriptwriting. I turn my "hard day" into a story and expand on it for the characters I have created. I explore my creative side and use it to my advantage to make myself feel better & to dramatise some plots for my scripts. It's definitely a good way to focus your mind creatively and to spend time doing something you love. 

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