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Strawberry Shower Gel | The Body Shop Review

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The Body Shop is one of my favourite shops, ever. Recently I was in here with my boyfriends mum when we saw the Strawberry shower gel. The best products for me personally, is the strawberry range, it smells so nice & well, who doesn't want to smell like a juicy strawberry? 
I have never used this product before, hence the title... so let's get reviewing. Although, reviewing things isn't my strongest point, oh well, here goes. 

Anything fruity, chocolatey or something that just signifies freshness is what has my vote. I'm easy to buy for when it comes to shower/bath toiletries, most of the time. Usually, I just use what I'm used to which is Soap and Glory but it's nice to branch out your comfort zone here and there to find what works for your skin type. Pushing the scent to the side, what's in the products is also a high factor as having skin that is more temperamental than you on a monthly period, is hard to keep up with occasionally. I wish that was a joke but unfortunately, it's the truth. I make sure the ingredients are suitable for my skin as it's important to know whats flowing over your body... or is it just me? ha, anyways. It is weird, yes, BUT if it's going to help nourish and aid your skin helping it look great then why not check on these types of things? :) Soap-free products, like this shower gel, are like heaven for my skin. Keeping it as PG as I can without sounding like a creep, if my skin could you know, scream with pure joy... it would! hahaha.

A few questions to answer: 

Is it tested on animals? 
No. I know most products for different brands are, which is sad really and these days its unavoidable to get products without them being tested in that manner, but the body shop are strict on what they test their products on, which makes my love for them a lot stronger. Visit to read their "Against animal testing" campaign page :)

Does it aid your skin?
Yes. Well, it does with mine... it has, in fact, helped my skin stay clear and soft every time I use it, accompanied by my moisturiser (any moisturiser is ideal). It cleanses the skin leaving it feeling so so soft! I like how it's soap-free as soap does irritate my skin if used too much, I found this out the hard way and have never looked back since!

Would I recommend this product?
Of course. I would recommend anyone looking for a skincare product to go to The Body Shop. They have a range of products that are good for all different skin types. I have dry skin & eczema so it's hard to find a good product which I am not used to that will aid my skin, but since using this product there have been fewer irritations.

Is this post sponsored?
I wish... but no it's not :)

Since using this shower gel, I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. It's been a lot more manageable and the bumps I had on my arms are more or less fading. It's helped my eczema as well, which I am so pleased about as most products help it then all hell breaks loose, but this time around that problem hasn't occurred just yet *touch wood*. I'd like to try a few more scented body butter/gels from The Body Shop in the near future. If you have any to recommend feel free to leave me a comment below :)

Thanks for reading!

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