Monday, 30 October 2017

Life Update | Post-surgery & New Beginnings

Let's get real... The past month has been, exhausting, to say the least. I knew surgery would drain me, just didn't cross my mind with how much. Quick story short...

September 2015 - I fell downstairs at University (completely sober) and more or less face-planted the brick wall at the bottom of the stairs. I went to the hospital a few days after and they booked me in for a manipulation. I genuinely thought nothing of it... one way to go into the final year, right? Anyways, long story short, the manipulation was a waste of time for both me and my doctor back then. 

This year (2017) I began to go downhill... next thing I know I'm being told I need septoplasty surgery to straighten the wall within my nose, as my breathing was very restricted. 6 weeks ago I had my surgery, now I feel so much better being able to have my breathing back to normal. I have my check up on the 31st October, so hopefully, I get the all clear from my surgeon!! (another update to follow)
See below for the aftermath photo's ha... not much to see but funny to look back on.

A week or so during recovery, my body took a turn for hell... literally. One night I was fine, eating and drinking with no issues. Next day, I woke up finding myself running for the toilet to be sick. In that moment you think it must have been something you ate... wrong. 6 hours later after being unwell, over my temperature and still being sick, I was rushed to the hospital.
They say that if you gain a fever fresh after surgery to go in and be assessed. First, they thought it was my appendix (it wasn't) but it was a 50/50 chance. 5 days went by, being restricted to a hospital bed/ward, I was slowly going insane. The end diagnosis was Mesenteric Adenitis which is more common in children than adults. This means your lymph nodes around your tummy are inflamed and can cause a lot of pain. Which it did. I went from not eating waiting for scans etc, to eating and being sick more... my body has definitely turned against me lol. I also had to have several cannulas put in my hands/arms which has damaged my blood donor arm, very upsetting as I was due to give blood again on 19th Nov.17

A few weeks on, I'm still in recovery and unfortunately not getting as much rest as I should be getting due to working so much, which fits with my next update.

After a year and a half working as a care assistant, I am finally moving up in the world and leaving my full-time job, moving onto better things. Although it's a very sad time leaving behind the amazing clients I have bonded with, I am ready for the next adventure. I have been working two jobs since July 2017 and it is exhausting. I will have more time for my blog and to spend time with family and friends instead of saying the words "I'm working", it'll be nice to just have free time.
After leaving my job, I will be moving to the city of Sheffield too. Hopefully, I'll be going back to University in 2018, but also because of my job, partner and some of my friends are there. I'll finally be able to have my own place & not have the worries of a shared house again. The only good shared accommodation is at Uni, but even then it can get chaotic.

Thanks for reading!

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