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September Favourites | 2017

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September was a crazy busy month. I had no time to sit down and blog, which is honestly quite upsetting as I love writing. When it hits you that you abandon what you love, it's like a brick being thrown at you. Quite shattering. But anyways, I have a few very random favourites to share so here goes; 

Simple wipes & Vaseline Lip balm: I must've used these religiously since being in hospital mid-September as I couldn't bathe properly after my surgery so using wet wipes and creams helped keep my skin from looking dry and flaky.  
Vaseline cocoa butter became my best friend in recovery. Even more so when I was rushed into hospital during my recovery (I will do a separate post on this)

Dove Shampoo and Conditioner: Having long hair is great until you need to wash it and keep on top of the natural colouring coming back through. Usually, if I use a shampoo and conditioner for ages it will make my hair so dry and it feels horrible. Since using Dove for my hair as a trial, my hair has felt amazing. 

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Favourite Youtube Channels: Recently I have been loving fitness channels. I want to get back into training in a gym as the last time I did, the only thing I benefited from it was a stronger body... I did lose weight but I gained it back. Ever since it's been up and down and watching these ladies have inspired me to track my journey. 
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The Walking Dead: What can I say... my boyfriend is obsessed and has been trying to get me to watch this for the 7 months we've been together. Safe to say, I caved. Never thought I'd get so into a zombie apocalypse television show, but it happened. No regrets. It's so addictive, so well written and the plot/twists just leave my jaw dropping. It is quite gory but it's hard not to press "next episode" when one finishes. I'd highly recommend anyone who is wanting a new television show, to give this a whirl. You won't regret it!
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Sheffield United vs Sheffield Wednesday - Football madness: Things you do for love... haha! I like to keep my other half happy, even if that means getting involved watching his favourite team play. During my recovery from my operation, we put the football on and more or less consisted of me screaming at the television. Not only did we have pizza, cuddles and quality time, but it was one of my favourite things to be involved in something my boyfriend is so passionate for. Was definitely one of my all-time favourite moments. 
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Fostering kittens: An opportunity came along at beginning of September. I fostered three kittens and their momma that had been abandoned. I do home-care for my job and came across these beautiful babies at a clients house who unfortunately is quite unwell. I and another carer, who is one of my closest friends, decided to act on the fact these kittens needed a temporary home until a shelter could take them. So that's exactly what we did, we took the kittens and their momma to my home and brought them back to health. The momma cat wouldn't stay in but she would always come back to check on her babies, it was adorable. I ended up naming them all, we decided to call momma cat Lola as it suited her personality well. The kittens were named; Milo, Max, and Harvey. I fell in love, it's no secret. It was devastating giving them to the shelter, but knowing they are all being rehomed makes me happy. 
Fostering an animal is such a rewarding experience. You receive unlimited cuddles & get to take photos, see below... Super cute. But knowing you're helping an animal is the best feeling in the world. I'd recommend fostering any type of animal as there is plenty that needs loving homes! Unfortunately, due to being in a shared housing property, animals aren't allowed although my landlord was pretty cool about having them stay a while. Everything happens for a reason right? Genuinely feel grateful for this experience.
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All the bright places, By Jennifer Niven: After the madness of kittens was over and done with, I had to go in for surgery. I will most likely do a separate post on this as it was definitely a wild ride. However, in the process of my recovery, being bed bound was proven difficult as I'm quite the active person and wanted to go anywhere and everywhere. Somehow, my boyfriend managed to make me rest & discovered a new book which is literally the best read, especially when you get lost in the plot... so engaging. Sometimes it's a struggle to focus on a book, or I put it down and don't finish it for ages. Won't lie, this has happened more over the last couple of years/months, terrible habit for sure. The book is called "All the bright places". Not yet finished it but it's made me realise a lot about mental health and how much I actually relate to it. I'll hopefully do a post on this too when I've read it all, definitely worth a read.

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  1. Those kittens are adorable! I love cats so much. Everyone keeps telling me I am going to end up a crazy cat lady and I'm like "um yeah...that sounds AWESOME".