Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Summer Train Watching | August 2017

Hola, everyone!
Throughout this month, we have had some mixed weather. One evening I had off work, myself and my partner decided to go and watch trains. I was so excited because they kept waving and pipping their horn ha. But alongside, I managed to get some beautiful photo's, see above. 

**ALL PHOTOS ARE MY OWN, DO NOT TAKE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. If wanting to use any of these photo's then feel free to email me at for my permission.**

Doncaster ain't all that bad for capturing beautiful moments & it makes me happy knowing I have some well-captured photo's to look back on. They don't have nor need filters to visualise the beauty, the camera picked it up so well! It's become a regular occurrence to go to this little hideout for Trainspotting and quite frankly, it's amazing. Especially seeing my boyfriend beam at the fact he gets to see trains (he loves them) it's literally my favourite thing to do :) There's not really much to say, as the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy! 

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