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July Favourites | 2017

Hola, everyone!

July for me was a good month. I have a few favourites that I wanted to share so here we go. I discovered a lot of new things, binge-watched television programmes and even achieved some goals, explored and had fun throughout. July was exciting, to say the least.


Theory test - All passed and ready to move onto my driving test. Took a lot of preparation and my advice would be to study for it. It might be 'common sense' but you learn more testing yourself before going in for the real thing.

New job - So throughout July, my new job started a few weeks earlier than planned. It's been an experience that's for sure. Juggling two jobs and a social life does become difficult but what gets me through it is knowing that I'll have enough income coming in before my operation takes place, so it'll be a stress-free two weeks of recovery! :)

Donating blood for the first time - Donating blood has always been something I wanted to do & it finally happened. As a first timer, it took a while to actually get prepared. It took two attempts to actually have my veins cooperate. I've always had an issue with my left arm veins acting up with blood tests so imagine a bigger needle trying to pierce it. Because of it dropping, we moved over to my right arm and SUCCESS... blood was flowing nicely. Although afterwards, I started to become lightheaded even though I had plenty of water & food... IT STILL MANAGES TO GET YOU. So if you're donating blood for the first time, don't try and leave if you feel unwell. This lasted a few days for me but I had annual leave so wasn't too bad. I'm booked in again for the 19th November & I can't wait :) You can sign up here if you're from the UK: NHS Blood Donation


Soap and glory hand food - my hands get really dry, especially through my job as a carer... there's no avoiding dry hands especially when you have to wear latex gloves (or powder free ones). I am obsessed with soap and glory, that's no secret. If you're new to my blog then check out previous favourites in the popular section and you'll see I'm not joking.
I carry this hand food everywhere I go, it's definitely keeping my hands less dry and icky. Couldn't recommend the stuff enough. You can find it here: Soap & Glory Hand Food

Dulcolax Tablets - I have a funny stomach. It's so temperamental I never know what mood it's going to be in. I guess you can say that about me too, being a Gemini and all ;) ha, jokes aside... if you're having trouble with bloatedness and indigestion, then try these. Take one at night time and it'll work wonders... 1 every 3 days should be enough and it's such a relief afterwards. A safer way than any other laxatives too. £1 from Asda Supermarket, can't go wrong.

Simple Wipes - Kind to skin & Radiance - face wipes can be irritable if you have weird skin. Welcome to my world if you do. I started using Simple after using the face scrub over a year ago and found the wipes cleared my skin. These wipes gave my skin a natural glow and cleared the excess dirt from my skin and OH MY GOODNESS, they're amazing. Do try them if you're looking for something to clear your skin, these help for sure.

Vaseline (cocoa butter) - Ok fine, you got me... I need to look after my lips more as I'm known for scraping the excess skin off when they are overly dry. We all have bad habits & that's one of mine. Recently, after stumbling over this cocoa butter vaseline, it's been my go to lip care and couldn't be more happy with the results. My lips haven't been as dry and this makes me happy, very happy in fact. Even my boyfriend said it smells nice and I guess if he kisses me, that's good right? haha.


Rimmel London - Wake me up concealer - Nothing is more Godly than this product. I kid you not, it's literally saving my bags from imploding on my face. Fact.
I haven't used many concealer's but I more or less swear by this and use it every time I wear make-up without fail. You can find it here: Rimmel - Wake me up concealer

Lasting Finish Kate Lipstick, shade 30 - Every girl has a favourite lipstick. This has been my favourite since second year at University (two years ago... crazy!) I don't wear it very often, only for nights out, date-nights & family gatherings. I like darker shades as they suit more for my make-up looks and skin tone. The title says it all, it's a lasting finish lipstick and stays on for hours. I do sometimes have to reapply but then again that's very normal. You can find it here: Kate Lipstick - shade 30

Velvet Kiss Lip cream, shade Caramel 2 - If you're picky with matte lipsticks/glosses you'll adapt to this one very well. For £2.99 you can't really go wrong. I do wear this quite often and even picked up another one recently as it's amazing. Nude colours with a caramel hint are literally the best to finish off a simple or sophisticated make-up look. I'm not expert but if it works, it works... right? You can find it here: Velvet Kiss Lip Cream


I don't usually wear perfume very much & if I do, it's always my Taylor Swift one... But recently, pondering through my wardrobe, I came across my "Golddigga Pink" perfume. I've had this since Christmas... I think. So I have no idea where it's from, but I assume it's relatively cheap. IT SMELLS SO GOOD, no joke. I'd highly recommend this if you're into the 'sweet' smells :)


Night Shift - If you have Netflix, do give this a watch. I love programmes where they focus on different types of medical aspects. With this series revolving around veterans who have served their country, it's quite inspiring and a very interesting storyline. As an ex- film and television student, if a programme has a good storyline & good intense plot, I'm sold.

Suits - It's no secret that I admire the law lifestyle, well the lifestyle television projects it as. (it's more or less how I imagine it to be) Suits is so addictive, very informative and it's got perfect dramatised plots... I AM OBSESSED. A few years ago within second year at Uni, I was very uncertain about watching it, at first I could get into it. Within final year of Uni, it was my hangover cure every other day (student life for you ha). Ever since, it's become apart of my routine especially because season 7 is now out on Netflix #notsponsored. I am loving how Donna is stepping her character up into a more challenging perspective, it's nice to see her in the limelight for once. She is literally a clear representation of my personality... sometimes.

Grey's anatomy - Where do I start? Last summer (2016) I got obsessed and it was unhealthy. Because my hours at work wasn't as hectic, every day becomes a "Greys Day" for me, with a cheeky dominoes on the odd chill day haha. I think the most emotional part of it for me was when George died... Like I couldn't fathom why they did SO LITTLE to save him. It still makes me angry even though they did what they could, it just seemed like they gave up on one of their own so freaking quick. This is how much it actually affected me... if you watch this & you cried, lets be friends.

That's all I have for now & this post has literally taken me a week or so to write haha. Can't wait to share my August Favourites in the next week or so!

Thanks for reading!

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