Saturday, 12 August 2017

Sprotbrough Falls Day Trip | 2017

Hola, everyone!

After having a break from my blog, again, I have decided to come back and hit harder than ever. I will do more of a life update post further through the month. 
At the beginning of June, I had the weekend off work & spent it with my partner by exploring parts of my hometown (Doncaster) as he's from Sheffield. If you don't know of these places, they're in South Yorkshire, England. 
The photo's more or less speak for themselves, the place we went to is called Sprotbrough Falls and is so beautiful. I'd not been here in years, think the last time my family and I came here was back in 2005, I think. How beautiful is it though?! Better to go when the sun is shining as it's so admirable, as you can see. 
England is known for the crappy weather, whatever that may entail. So to get heat-wave weather back in June was lovely and suited well for a beautiful, fun day out.

How handsome is he though?! Man crush every day <3 

I didn't actually gain 6lbs ha, was worth it either way! 

Before we went exploring we treated ourselves to a lovely meal and drink at the local restaurant just around the corner. All in all, it was a great day & I wanted to share the beauty of it on here. 
Days out with this one are always fun and exciting. This year I've been more places around the Doncaster/Sheffield area than I had throughout my lifetime, I think haha. It's nice to be back posting, hoping to share more days out on my blog as they are exciting to write about :)

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