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June Goals & Achievements * round-up * | 2017

Hola, everyone! *waves* 
So after not blogging for a month or so, it's about time I posted again, so here we go. 
I always try to set myself some different goals each month. Throughout June I didn't have much on the list to label as a goal really as I'm still progressing on last months which you can find here: May Goals 2017

1. Going in for my theory test... again
A lot of people project a car theory test as 'common sense' and make digs at those who don't pass the first time. I, unfortunately, failed mine by 3 marks and the feeling of utter disappointment is a huge understatement. I revised a lot and did lots of mock tests and got a good score. When it came to the actual thing, Hazards perception was so unbelievably daunting but managed to somehow pass that with 60/75 which to me is an outstanding result. You can do all the revision in the world although remembering it is also hard to do, especially if you're me haha. I got 40/50 on the multiple choice and it encountered 43 to pass so you can imagine how crushing it was looking at my result. HOWEVER, it hasn't and will not stop me from trying again. In fact... I re-booked another attempt and hopefully this time my score will be better than ever. Gotta have a little faith, right?

2. Turning 23 
A new age, new me right? ha no, I'm the same boring old' Jaydee everyone grows to love. Jokes aside, It was my birthday at the beginning of June. I had the best birthday ever, my best friend from University who I spent the entirety of my third year with, drove 2-3 hours just to spend a few hours with me on my birthday! Had the chance to finally introduce my two favourite people to one another which made me indescribably happy. Although on the actual day, going into Meadowhall for some birthday dinner I dropped my 4-month-old iPhone and it smashed at the top corner. Might've been happy on prosecco and wine so oops haha. I could be the only person to see this as an achievement but I've made it to 23... I'll tell you why it's amazing news for me. 
At 4 years old, I had meningitis. If you don't know what it is, it's a bacterial infection which spreads around your body, affecting your hearing, sight and could experience a loss of limbs. Luckily before it could do any of that to me, my mum rushed me straight to the hospital and the doctors/nurses tackled the virus before it spread around my body. 
At age 10, I got knocked off my bike. I guess you can say it was a near death experience as I passed out half way through then woke up underneath a van after smashing my head against the pavement. I was lucky to walk away with a sliced open ear, cuts and bruising and a shattered ankle. So making it to 23 after nearly dying twice within my life, is an achievement and I'm very grateful to wake up every morning to carry on living my life. 

3. Getting back on my feet
It's been a long time coming but I'm just glad the struggle is over. It's taken me since the age of 19 to learn how to budget properly and making sure all my bills are paid on time instead of going silly with my money. My rent is £33 cheaper (was £433) as I have switched to paying weekly and it makes it so much easier. Finding a stable ground with work has helped too, making sure I'm getting enough hours while training for my new job to earn extra income. I'm so close to the end of my driving lessons, when I say close I mean... doing mock driving tests, close. It's such a good feeling to finally be in control of the things that were once brought me down. 

4. Losing weight
Let's be honest, it took me the majority of May to stop dining out. Even part of this month (June), guilty as charged. But, I have started to get more strict with eating better, along with exercising. This week alone I have had plenty bought in to eat throughout the busy work schedule and so far so good. I can continue my journey with slimming down. It's honestly the best feeling keeping your body fueled properly. I ain't doing it for anyone else, just myself - due to certain things started to eat away at my depression and anxiety which, if you suffer from you'll know how infuriating and difficult it is to maintain positive. Since May 29th up until around 15th June, remembered to keep a record of how much weight had been lost. 6 1/2 lbs lighter and it's made me realise that it is A LOT of body fat... see below to see what an average of 5 lbs looks like. It's kinda gross but seeing what you're losing is quite motivating, well it is for me anyways. I've gone from 164.4 lbs to 157 lbs - great achievement for sure. Still, a long way to go, but in order to see results change has to happen.

5. Booked time off work - finally
Never go 10 and a half months without annual leave. Biggest mistake of my life, but did my employer offer it me before? Unfortunately not which has sadly resulted in me losing last financial year's holidays. However, I've stood my ground and actually worked like a dog (lol) in order to book two weeks off which is in fact very much needed. Being a carer is so mentally draining so taking my annual leave for as long as I am should sort me right out as I'll have time to relax, blog, exercise & eat properly - all the things that are usually restricted haha.

6. Became a blood donor!
For a few years now I have wanted to sign up. Due to some health complications like having a low vitamin D deficiency, it restricted into me helping those in need until my levels were stable. Finally, my vitamin D levels are stable and have finally registered to be a blood donor! The first donation is while I'm off work on the 11th July & I'm beyond excited to finally achieve one of my biggest goals! It will most likely make next months favourites ha.  

The month as a whole has been so exciting from start to finish. Although towards the end of the month I did feel a bit run down but the best thing about June was achieving some goals, learning from mistakes and celebrating my 23rd year. All in all, it's been a good month and I'm so sad to see the end of it. Just hoping July is just as good :) 

What have been your highlights of June?

Thanks for reading!

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