Monday, 1 May 2017

Select - Spring / Summer Wishlist | 2017

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Wish-list blog posts are becoming my favourite thing to write, as it's showing what sort of things captures my attention from affordable retail stores. Select happens to be one of my favourite places to shop as their clothing is so fitting and complimentary.


Select are like I say, one of my favourite shops to go to because their clothing is most definitely unique. From comfy clothing to smart/casual - I'm hooked. Stumbling over these pieces just had me addicted from the get-go. You can find them here: 


Whether you're dressing to impress or you're dressing to comfort your body - These pieces are most definitely going to make an appearance in my wardrobe. With Summer just around the corner, it would be rude not to, right? You can find them here: 


Last but no means least - This is more of a random selection ha, but more so what I need in my wardrobe to spice it up. I am, of course, getting back into fitness so some items I have chosen are fitness related. Some are smart/casual for possible nights out in the future or for potential date nights & some for summer to you know, flaunt what every girl should be proud of, their unique body shape. You can find them here: 

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