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Monthly Goals for May 2017

Hola, everyone!

After being given a second weekend off for a bit of annual leave, it got me thinking what I wanted to achieve throughout May. I have had many goals this year and I won't lie, I have achieved quite a lot since my New Year's resolutions post. So this is more for motivation for myself and for other's who are wanting a little push to achieve their goals. 

1. Pass my theory test 
So I have been doing my lessons for quite some time & have massively put off my theory test as I wanted to get close to the end. Now it's near the end, approaching my test but unfortunately, I can't move forward with that until I pass my theory... After revising non-stop and it's given me a highway headache ha, jokes aside, hopefully on tuesday I can book in and finally pass in order to move onto the bigger and more scary test to actually get me out on the road. 

2. Have my operation 
This is indeed for medical reasoning - two years ago during the beginning of my third year at University I fell downstairs and smashed my face into a brick wall, therefore resulting in a badly broken nose (ouch, I know). After the last two months of having it rescheduled I have managed to ask to see a doctor who will then hopefully refer me for a "under the knife" surgery. I will more than likely post my experience of this in a few weeks!

3. Flat Hunt & Move out my shared house
Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed the majority of my time living in a shared property but I feel as if I'm ready to get my own place. Whether it's on my own or with my boyfriend, right now I just need to call somewhere home without feeling like I'm going to murder someone for being a disturbance... ha!

4. Manage my finances properly 
I have struggled for months, if not years with budgeting. So add paying bills to the mix, it more or less gets you down. Paying £400+ for a room in a shared house, actually sucks. I feel as if I never have any money left to do something for myself - or I've got so used to saving it and became tightfisted. So I've promised myself to get ontop of my finances, even if it leaves me with nothing each week, it'll be a massive weight off my shoulders for sure. 

5. Cook more - Eat out less
Eating out is great, I love trying new places. However, when it's making you feel guilty for spending money you should be saving, gaining weight and getting bored - it's time to break out and start trying to eat smarter and leaner at home. That is a big aim of mine to succeed with, as I do miss cooking and get more in shape. 

6. Have more "me" time 
I don't have much "me" time anymore as I love spending time with my friends and boyfriend. When I'm not with them, I'm at work looking after everyone there. I've recently been through a really difficult time and my depression played a huge part of it. But after having time to think about it, there's not been much time where I've spent a day alone, getting things done and enjoying my own company so I definitely need to make more time in order to do that. 

7. Exercise / Yoga 
Week by week I've said to myself "i'll start tomorrow" or do 6 days working out then I stop for a total of two weeks. I lack in motivation to help myself feel confident and look after my body properly. Don't get me wrong I have finally started shaping up and losing a few lbs here and there, but I want to keep it persistent as body confidence has a huge grind on my anxiety. Anyone who struggles with anxiety or body confidence issues will understand where I'm coming from, it's difficult. But it's a goal of mine to keep striving to do the best I can to feel happy within myself as well as my body. 

What are YOUR monthly goals??

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