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Primark Wishlist #2 | April 2017

Hola, everyone!

So in January when I was posting quite regular before becoming extremely busy, I did a Primark wishlist and had so much fun doing it. I did actually get some of the products I listed because well, it would have been rude not to!! Here is my first wishlist, do check it out: Primark wishlist #1


As you can probably work out, I am a home-ware addict. Although I live in a shared house which I can't really decorate, there's no harm in future planning for my own flat, right? Well, that's exactly what I'm doing. Primark does the BEST home-ware for reasonable pricing too. I do have plans to go Primark in the next couple of weeks to explore and pick up the majority of the things above, I mean; they're so pretty to look at, don't you agree? Makes me super excited to actually get my own place in the near future!

Find all the Home-ware here:


I'm no fashion expert, nor do I intend to be. If anything, I dress more for comfort and for my body type rather than to impress. I much prefer comfortable and trendy clothing, nothing to barbaric, but something a little different to everyone else. Browsing through the Primark Website was quite disappointing as their products are limited on there, so a visit to the store is definitely in order once I pay all my bills... (Priorities, right?) I LOVE everything I have chosen to show above, I can see myself wearing it all. Some smart, some casual, some comfortable bed wear. Can't go wrong really!!

Find all the Clothing here: 

Again, as I've said above the website itself was limited to what was in store... BUT I found some things I freaking love, I've already bought the sunglasses as a few weeks ago I just fell in love. Seriously though, can we just admire the Prosecco lip balm though?! A M A Z I N G. Last year, I went into Primark and bought a backpack which was literally the love of my life... jokes aside it was my saviour but recently broke along with my heart. So I have been looking through Primark's selection and I only found two that could be a potential use for riding around on my bike as my handbag just isn't appropriate. What are your favourite accessories? 

Find the Accessories here: 

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  1. A mini backpack is on my wishlist too because the one I have now is too big!