Thursday, 6 April 2017

March | 2017

Hola, everyone!

I didn't really 'collect' much to have a favourites this month. So instead, I'm going to summarise some of the best bits that happened throughout March, something a little different :) 

1. I got my first tattoo... did it hurt? No, I barely even moved/flinched when having it done. I chose this because I've been through hell and back over the last few years and having anxiety/depression lurking over me, sucks. So I wanted to have an upbeat, joyful tattoo to make me smile every day... cheesy right? 

2. I learnt how to play Badminton - I never really learnt properly in school or in my own time how to play badminton. Having someone as patient as Ash willing to teach me made me happy. In the end, I was hitting the shuttlecock which to me, was a milestone on its own. :) 

3. I fit into a dress I never used to fit into properly - I said in my New Year's Resolutions post that I wanted to shed a few lbs and feel confident in the process. Safe to say when this happened, I was beaming all day. I was chuffed. In November 2016 I weighed approximately 13 stone (I think) I now weigh around 10 stone 9lbs which is amazing. I still have a long way to go but this is a start. 

4. Went back to play mini-golf -  I first went here when I broke my ribs in February (fell in my kitchen, wasn't my smartest idea) and I somehow won, which was great as I get really competitive. So going back a second time for a "re-match" if you want, was very refreshing. I enjoy mini-golf as I feel like it's something I'm good at and I like doing different activities. Was definitely a fun day as I won one game and the second game was a draw. However it's not about winning, it's more about the company you have that makes it fun :) 

5. Mothers Day - So for Mother's day, I tried to be all sweet and stuff and surprised my mum with some presents. These flowers were actually from her birthday but they were this open on Mother's day, so so pretty!! Anyways, I asked my step-dad to take me to get her some little presents and ended up getting her a book, card & chocolates as well... what else can you get on a small budget? ha. Safe to say she loved them! & I got to see my Pepsi again. I introduced her in 2015 when I was in my final year at University, read that post here.

6. Pizza Date-night - Every night to us is date night, but this night really stood out for me. As I had finished work at 7 pm we wanted to spend the night together and unwind a little bit by making our pizza's which I have to say... WERE AMAZING. If you told me last year I would find someone who makes my life so much better, stands by me and supports me in absolutely everything, I more or less would have laughed in your face. But I have found a great guy, who I really do not deserve, at all. He's pretty special and I can't imagine my life without him now as he had made it so much better from the day he messaged me back. Cheesy I know ha...

7. My not so little nephew turned 1 years old - How did this even happen? I mean, He's not my little cuddle buddy anymore. He's now near enough walking, recognising me his favourite Aunty ;) lol & ahh! it genuinely melts my heart, it really does :) Can't wait until he running around everywhere and talking, I won't be saying that when it happens hahaha! Little cutie he is, literally makes me so happy :) I literally remember the day he was born, he was so tiny. I was so scared to even hold him at one point because I didn't want to hurt him and I don't handle crying babies so well ha! But each time we cuddled it was like our bond was developing -- can't wait to see the little monkey again! I miss his contagious little laugh so so so much :) 

9. My favourite band acknowledged my tweet - This is a pretty big deal. YOU ME AT SIX FAVOURITED / LIKED MY TWEET like what. Just what. I love their new album and this one song "Take on the world" literally hits me right in the feels... so whilst I was fangirling the LIKED IT. OMG I'M STILL NOT OVER IT. It honestly made me smile like an absolute idiot :) I'm gutted that on the 7.4.17 - when they're in my hometown, I won't be able to see them perform as I have other plans and no money. Sucks big time, but I have this to latch onto in the meantime which is just as good :) 

10. My happy place -  Lakeside, Doncaster. It's probably my favourite place to go running and walking, to clear my head. Especially at night time when it's not as busy. I literally feel so much better whenever I leave here. I definitely need to make more of an effort to go running again, probably when my ribs have fully healed. Definitely, something to look forward to :) 

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