Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Spring: A Few Things I'm Excited For

Spring is a good season to indulge in. I'm personally more of an autumn/winter kind of gal but I do love spring and summer months especially when I get to wear pretty clothes, burn in the sun and have nice long days with Strongbow in hand.

Photo cred: Jaydee Kelly (myself).
  • Brighter days - I'm all for long days with dark evenings but I do like the spring setting when all the picturesque views emerge too. Can't wait to go venturing around the countrysides in Sheffield and capture the beauty of different landmarks. 
  • Clothing - I like spring clothes as the colours are always quite vibrant, I'd like to try new styles in order to produce exciting content on here - also it's nice to look back on :) 
  • Home Decor - In spring there's much more to offer for home decor. I like to furnish my flat with as many sweet smelling candles as I can or get nice canvas' to fit the mood of it being spring. So excited to go shopping! 
  • Activities - When warmer seasons come about, it seems there's more to do outside as it's more suitable for people to enjoy. This Spring I want to go hiking and see new places in my city and just experience new things to do. My biggest goal for the warmer seasons is to camp/hike around the Lake District as well. 
  • Happier moods - If the sun is out, I'm smiling constantly. As I have a vitamin D deficiency whenever the sun is out, my mood is positive as my levels are higher. Weird, yes, but it makes all the difference and I can't wait. Although I don't really suffer badly in the winter months, it puts a positive spin on everything when Spring comes around.  
What are you looking forward to in Spring?

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