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What's on my wishlist? #2 | BooHoo | 2018

It's certainly been a while since I did a clothing wishlist.
BooHoo is my go-to/top favourite online clothing website. I've never struggled to fit into their clothes as their sizing is true to what they promote, the fitting of the clothing hugs your body and the quality is so good. I've learned that my fashion choices are very different to other peoples, but I enjoy the fact that although fashion is changing, I have my own little trends going on, which makes me feel ultimately confident. Everything that is shown will be linked below :)

It's all about "if it's comfy, it'll do" for me when it comes to clothes. I feel like the casual look is more fitting to my personality as being too bold scares the life out of me. Although, different colours are finally making an appearance to my wardrobe so that's a plus! I am hopefully going to try new styles along the way to liven up my outlook on fashion.
You can't beat a "nice top and a pair of jeans" can we girls? haha. I wanted to take a risk and stretch my style branch out a little bit. Although, these three numbers would look great for a family event, date night or drinks with friends. Personally, I reckon the second one would be perfect for an interview for that job you want. 

I like to hide away my body in black clothing as I'm not 100% happy with my figure at the moment. Long story short, most of my black tops made it to the "charity" pile whilst I was moving so I'm definitely in need of some nice, smart/casual tops and dresses to liven up my wardrobe as at the moment, it holds clothes that I've had since my first year of University which was 5 years ago now (holy wow!). 

Whenever I'm on BooHoo, I always go to the dress tab first. I love dresses, my collection was once HUGE but unfortunately, when they start to grow too big for you, it's time to say bye. These three dresses have made me want to jump with happiness as 1. they're in my size, 2. I think they'd look alright in the Spring/Summer months & 3. They are incredibly gorgeous. Very plain yes, but it gives me so many ideas on what to add to it, dressing it up or down, can't go wrong!

A girl can never have too many jeans right? I have about 3 pairs currently which makes me so eager to get more. My style of jeans/trousers are so here there and everywhere that even I don't know if I have a particular aim with the fashion choices that are selected, but ah well. I guess if they look nice and are comfy then it's a winner! These above are definitely the type of styles I'm hoping to merge into my small collection.

My wardrobe lacks smart clothing, it really does. I came across these items and instantly fell in love. The grey and mustard dress (right) is so nice but the red one (left) caught my attention and I love them both. Good job this is just a wish list, for now, so I don't get ahead of myself and buy everything ha! 

I've never really been one for bodysuits but as I want to try and tone up and wear more things that are a slight risk to my wardrobe, this bodysuit definitely stood out for me. With a nice pair of jeans, booties and the jacket on the right, it would make a killer outfit. Well, in my head it would. 

Last but no means least, booties are my FAVOURITE type of shoe. I always find it super difficult to find ankle boots that actually suit my style and fit my clown feet (I'm a size 7, crazy!). In summer or when going out for a few bevvy's these type of boots are my go-to with most outfits; dresses, a nice top and jeans, jumper and jeans etc. you name it, I wear it. Payday is going to be one nice day that's for sure ;) 

What's your favourite item currently on your wishlist? :) 

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