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My 2018 Travel Bucket List

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I've always wanted to Travel. Document the world and share it from my personal perspective. Growing up, my family and I never really went abroad, just on family weekends due to personal reasons. Although, it was just as fun; but now I've grown up, I want to experience the world so one day I can share stories, photographs, and memories with my children and grandchildren. These are my top 5 places to visit: 

Paris - I've seen some of my favourite Bloggers/YouTubers jet off to the iconic City of Love recently and it has given me so many feels. A little girls dream, go to Paris and fall in love with the sights, the food, and the people. Definitely, something I'd like to share with Ash in the near future. One place I'd love to visit is the lock bridge; just visualising how romantic that would be, reading upon what other people have placed there... I'd love to write something dedicated to my love life and re-visit every year to add something new. A girl can dream, right? Well, this is my goal of a lifetime and I won't stop until it happens!

Ireland - The home of Guinness, I mean... who doesn't love Guinness? I am obsessed. Being 1/4 Irish will have its perks. Exploring a city close to heart and not too far from home will be so comforting. I love seeing what other's have to say about Ireland and soon, I'll be able to add my take on things which is exciting. 

Santorini, Greece - Whenever someone asks me where I want to visit on holiday, Santorini is usually my answer without thinking. It's so beautiful and just makes my heart explode thinking about it. Imagine, sitting around the villa pool with your closest people; boyfriend, best friends, family etc. with cocktails in hand; admiring the lovely views. Yep, I'm ok with that! Hopefully get to visit throughout the Summer if I win the lottery or sell an organ haha. 

Germany - If having friends from your childhood living in Germany, isn't a massive saviour for travelling then I don't know what is. It's been a while since seeing them so a catch up is in order, alongside viewing the cities sights, going to the football and drinking your body capacity in beer. I've always wanted to hold a Stein glass and compare it to my height, weird right...? Oktoberfest is also on my to-do list with Ash, as we both want to experience the whole illusion of German culture and what better way to do it :) 

Canada - HOME OF THE ICE HOCKEY... could I say that any calmer? I think not. Ice hockey is one of the main sports I love. No joke, this is the main reason I'd like to visit Canada, to go to a game and probably cry the whole time I'm there... Wish that was sarcasm but it's the absolute truth. 

What places do you want to visit throughout 2018?

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