Wednesday, 28 February 2018


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I HAVE FINALLY PASSED MY DRIVING TEST. If you read my January favourites you'd know that it took a while for me to get to this stage. The process of getting my driving certificate/license was so overwhelming and very difficult. 
So if being anxious/nervous on the day of your test wasn't bad enough, having nasty examiners made it worse entirely. My first test - the examiner was a complete A-hole (just to put it nicely) and failed me for the most ridiculous things. I felt like giving up there and then because it was embarrassing having to go through all that stress for the examiner to be malicious, costing me my license. 
That didn't stop me; after rebooking another test I was still a nervous wreck and it showed within my driving. I felt sick to my stomach hearing the words "Sorry that you haven't passed" for the second time and cried all the way home thinking "will I ever get through?" - it's hard especially when your family are first/second time passed & then there's me who feels like a complete failure. Although, my mum and step-dad supported me 100%, giving me hugs and encouraging me to give it another go. 
22nd February 2018 - Three years ago my Aunty lost her battle with Cancer, it still doesn't feel real. So to have my driving test on this day, made me feel so emotional and very very anxious. This may sound odd, but it's like she was there to hold my hand throughout my test & I PASSED, I passed this driving malarky with flying colours and held back my tears because it was such a special moment to have passed on my Aunty's anniversary... still so surreal and it makes me beyond happy to know the 22nd February will always be a special day to me, to remember a beautiful woman and celebrating the fact I made her extremely proud, alongside my mum who nearly cried and came to find me just to congratulate me haha. It's definitely a day to remember and to finally say I'm no longer a learner driver is giving me goosebumps. My examiner was so lovely and I can't thank her enough for making this day more special. It was worth going through hell with my driving test(s) just to have this memory. Safe to say I didn't nor will I ever take it for granted. 


If you're worried about passing the first time, don't be. You'll pass when you are ready whether that's the first time, fifth time or tenth time... you will get there. Please don't put pressure on yourself just because friends and family have passed the first time. Be proud of your achievements because at the end of the day; A PASS IS A PASS and nobody cares how many attempts it took. If they do, they aren't worth being around. 


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