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It's all about JUNE - Gemini Season

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If you've never heard of the term "Gemini season" then let me keep this simple, it's the month where all the Gemini babies/ drama queens/ best personalities ever (haha) were born! ;)
June was a good month for me, I turned 24 at the beginning and got to do some pretty cool stuff. This post has been long overdue hence why it's sooooooo late. I love having my birthday in the early summer season because it opens up more opportunity to do more and socialise more especially since everyone more or less spends every weekend in a beer garden, which was the case around the beginning of June. 

I wanted to share a few highlights of June to slowly come back to writing again. 
So, I'll list 4 of my favourite moments. Enjoy!

I turned 24 - Most people say once you go past the age of 21 it goes downhill from there. Sometimes I think this is the case whenever I'm in a rut but honestly, your 20s are the best period of your life as you become your true self. Although for me, I'm still a 6-year-old at heart but there we go. My birthday weekend was pretty cool, even if three days off work didn't give much time to celebrate properly, I still enjoyed myself and welcomed in being old... I mean 24 is young still, right? 

9th June 2018 - SAW TAYLOR SWIFT LIVE!
Crazy fact, I've never been to see anyone live before, well not someone who makes me super happy. I was in the process of seeing forever the sickest kids back when I was 18 but due to difficult circumstances it never happened but hey, that's a story for another day!
On June 9th, I and my best friend travelled to Manchester after 4 years of wanting to see Taylor Swift live. We made it happen after months of preparation and got some crazy good seats I must say. Being in the stadium at the scheduled time (5pm) buzzed up my excitement and made the whole atmosphere so emotional yet so magical. The experience as a whole was amazing, the support acts Camila Cabello & Charli XCX were out of this world, fabulous. I was like "whoa, oh my god" and had goosebumps haha. Then when Taylor Swift came on, the atmosphere felt so uplifting, positive and just so surreal. It felt like cloud nine which is a pretty intimate feeling, it was so enjoyable. The entirety of my row was stood up dancing, if not on their own then with each other and we encouraged other rows behind us to join in. The night as a whole was flawless. I've always watched Taylor's tours on Youtube, but to be in the audience of her Reputation Stadium Tour was insanely perfect. It has to be one of the BEST experiences of my life so far, I was left amazed for days up on my little cloud and didn't want to come down! Definitely one of the best moments of 2018 too, and there have been some amazing moments throughout this year. 

"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." - Coco Chanel.

My biggest fear is having my hair cut by someone so inexperienced and hating it. However, I've never actually come close to that throughout my life when trusting someone to cut my hair. In June, I decided to have my hair cut because it was driving me insane. It was quite dead on the ends and with summer coming around, it needed a make-over/ new style that wouldn't drench me in sweat too (ew). Ever since I've been able to wash it more, style it, manage it and most of all, it's so much lighter and doesn't fall out as much. I guess that's a good positive! It's true what they say, once you cut your hair you begin to change other things in your life too.

"It's a beautiful day to save lives". - Dr. Derek Shephard. 

So a year ago, I decided to sign up and donate blood as I wanted to help people and make a difference. Each time you make a donation, you're informed about where your blood has been sent. I've donated three times in total as it takes up to three-ish months for your body to restore the litre of blood you previously donated. My experience the last three times have been somewhat different, to say the least.

1st Donation - Long story short, I went lightheaded. It's common in a lot of people donating the first time and it's okay because the blood carers are amazing. I just hated the fact all eyes were on me because I felt faint, but I recovered after having a cold drink and something to eat and resting when returning home. Don't let that put you off though if you're wanting to do it, just keep in mind that you're potentially saving a life.

2nd Donation - This donation went well, I couldn't bend my arm for two days but there were no major repercussions which made a nice change.

3rd Donation - I tried being funny when sat in the chair to distract myself from how nervous I felt although I'm rather unsure as to why. It took five and a half minutes for my blood to be donated which in my last experience that is a record time! In recovery, I did everything that was expected and felt fine which was good. As soon as I got home that's when it went a bit south. It began when I felt lethargic, dizzy and just wanted to vomit... in the end, deciding to go straight to bed and slept for around nine hours and the following day I must've been awake for three hours then felt sleepy again, sleeping for a further four hours and then felt back to my usual self.
The whole experience was strange, but I'd do it all over again if it meant I got to help someone. My third donation was issued at Leicester infirmary for a blood transfusion. Very much in awe and hoping it helped someone who was in need. I guess you can say I took a negative experience and turned it into a positive one, which goes a long way!

June was a good month and these were my highlights of it.
Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it :)

Thanks for reading!

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P.s If you spotted my Greys Anatomy quote, you're awesome! x

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