Thursday, 23 August 2018

My Take On 2018!

I can't believe how crazy this is... It's September next week. This year has definitely flown by so quickly and has been somewhat amazing yet odd as a whole. It's like we blink and then it takes off before you're even ready for it, like a plane for your life. c r a z y. 

2018 so for me has been a good-ish one. I mean, I'd be lying if I said there weren't hard times that has arisen because there were, but as a positive, it's been a memorable year to achieving so much & ticking off things on my bucket list! I think putting too much pressure on yourself to "have a good year" always makes it so dull in my opinion, but this year I've taken steps forward that I had really bad anxiety towards but once I did it, that was it. I was a woman on a mission and determined to keep going!

One of my best moments so far is passing my driving test, you can read my excitement in a post here. I managed to conquer my fear of shit examiners, anxiety and the attitude of "If I fail, I'll give up". I mean even though quitting was going to be it for me, my instructor certainly didn't let that happen (thank you, Stuart!). Since then, I've done a few long drives to Hull & Leicester for a few trips out which were also very great as always. The only downside was having my confidence shattered by some numpty on the motorway, but I'm determined to continue driving as all this would have been for nothing & I am NOT giving up as I love driving and it makes me so at peace with so much in life. Can't wait to drive again for sure :)

A few things I've also achieved:
  • Got my first passport & looking at booking my first getaway (YAY!!)
  • Got an interview for a few jobs!
  • Moved into my first flat, I love it. 
  • Read more (this is a big thing for me haha)
  • Did things out of my comfort zone - driving on the motorways for a start!
  • Making a difference at work - my 1-1 has made me a better person. 

How has 2018 been for you? I can't believe August is nearly behind us. It's crazy. I have loved making memories this year and my heart is full. I'm excited to round up 2018 as a whole at a later date but wanted to share some positive points on here :)

Thanks for reading!

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