Friday, 28 September 2018

A Day at Craft and Dough, Sheffield | What is has to offer.

So, this year has been work and no play. Over the last few months, going out on "day dates" just wasn't happening due to different schedules for our jobs and it clashed week in week out. After organising a time for us both to just unwind and venture out to a new place, we finally did. With help from our family of course who kindly gave us a voucher to try this lovely restaurant out.

Craft & Dough - Sheffield definitely fulfilled my expectations over how the atmosphere/setting was, how lovely the staff was and how great the food & drinks are. I'm very sheltered when it comes to branching out on food, due to my intolerances. However, when at Craft & Dough, I thought... screw it, let's try something new!

As you can tell by the title 'Craft and Dough' they do some great tasting food/drinks, especially pizza and everyone loves pizza...right?
Anyway, It took me a good amount of time to decide whether to stick with what I know or jump out that good ol' comfort zone and try something extraordinarily different - Like come on... who puts tandoori chicken with BOMBAY MIX ON A PIZZA?! These guys do & it was definitely a songs of praise moment for my taste-buds, no lie.
The Pizza itself consisted of; Tandoori spiced chicken, Raita, Coriander Relish, San Marzano Tomato, Bombay Mix and Fresh Coriander... and if you like Indian food, this is the closest thing to happiness that you'll get to. The ingredients worked well for a cool yet spicy flavour and usually, I wouldn't put as many daring ingredients like these on a stone baked pizza but it works and tastes out of this world.
I also branched out on the wine I had too and white wine to me isn't my go-to but Vistamar Sauvignon Blanc kept me in a trance of happiness; it wasn't too sweet or too dry, it was somewhere in the middle. I'd definitely recommend anyone to try it, I think it's from Chile... could be wrong ha.

My entire experience here was like walking through heaven and it's very rare I say that about any place I go to, since it's so rare. I'd definitely go back to try different event nights/food and drinks they offer and just to feel cosy in the atmosphere again. The options of food and drink are a great selection, if you're not really into wine... look at craft beers, cocktails and other amazing stuff they have to offer. Their menu is a nice variety and suits the needs of all, especially since they have a gluten-free alternative too!

If you need a new place to go, then go here as it's a perfect place to spend your day/night with your partner, family or friends. It's very modern/cosy/appealing as you can visualise from the photo's above. There are different events to try, you can do Cocktail Masterclasses, Pizza Making classes, I mean... What's not to love about a place like this? Couldn't recommend it more if I tried!

I'll link the website for Craft & Dough here

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