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NEW: Soap and Glory, Sugar Crush & Up-Toned Girl | Review 2018

Sugar Crush Body Buttercream // Up-Toned Girl Body Lotion // Sugar Crush Body Wash 

Soap and Glory are probably one of my most favourite brands to use when it comes to skincare. Throughout the years of posting on my blog, I have made it known how much I love it and that love is still very strong, even now. I needed some new skincare because I had somehow used all my products from Christmas. Venturing out to boots was definitely what I needed as I purchased my all time favourite scent from Soap and Glory 'Sugar Crush' and decided it was time to finally try something new of their ever-growing collection.

Up-Toned Girl Body Lotion - I'm very sheltered when it comes to trying new things because well, my skin is easily irritable and knowing what works well is easier than branching out. I decided to try this as my mum raves about it. After treating her to several products for Christmas and her birthday, I decided to pluck up my pride and try it. It definitely did not disappoint.
This lotion is my most go-to product whenever I get out the bath/shower and it smells incredible. Not only does it nurse my skin into feeling toned and looking radiant, but it also leaves my skin feeling so soft and I love it. Before using this, it was a skeptical debate because I have eczema on my arms and the wrong product can send it from 0-100 in a matter of seconds, however, 'Up-toned girl' did the opposite and since noticed a HUGE difference when it comes to how intact my skin actually is. Very impressed and I'll definitely keep this in my skincare routine.

Sugar Crush Body Buttercream & Body Wash - If you have read any of my previous posts that feature on my blog then you'll know how much the Sugar Crush range has me so enticed. I'm obsessed and each time I review this, my opinion never changes. What I will say is if you want to smell like a sweetie then use these products. I swear by them as they have nursed my skin back to health from when it was all dry and clogged (ew!) leaving a lovely glow afterward. Try it at least once in your routine and you'll notice a drastic change within your skin. 

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