Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Hello Autumn!

Autumn has to be one of the most picturesque seasons of the year! All those brown/red leaves on the trees/ground are what get me jumping up and down like a child in a sweet shop. I feel like around October, I start to really feel at peace. Not only are we approaching the end of another year (how quick?!) but it's nice to be inside all cosy on the darker nights. 

I love Autumn for more reasons than I can list, but I usually get inspired to go out and take photos, have more baths just so my bath bombs get used up and generally because I love to wear Autumnal lipstick and huge jumpers. Being snug and warm is what matters most around this time of year as cold gets to me so easily ha!

A few things that I want to do throughout Autumn are;

Donate to the homeless charities in my area - At this time of year, it makes me sad to see loads of homeless people out on the streets. Every morning, I go past loads on the bus and it brings tears to my eyes. My biggest goal throughout the last 3 months of 2018 is to donate clothes, money, food/drink etc to those in need. I couldn't imagine how alone and isolated they must feel. I'd love to one day open up a homeless shelter and provide those in need with a nice warm place to call home and help them back on their feet. 

Carve a Pumpkin - It's crazy to say, I've never actually done this... haha! I see all the photo's of peoples pumpkins and it makes me want to feel part of the creativity and carve my own. Then it can sit in my window and look pretty :) 

Take some outfit photo's for my blog - Personally, I feel like my style around Autumn time is definitely on point. Baggy jumpers, jeans and booties... can't go wrong haha! I haven't really done OOTD on here so I want to bring that in as it's what I love reading about on other people's blogs so why not incorporate it into mine. 

Go for long walks - I'm already an active person and I love walking, especially when its dark out and there aren't too many people around. My goal is to go for a walk whenever I'm not at work and nail at least 20,000 steps as I feel unsatisfied with this recently. 

Decorate my flat Halloween-esque - Seeing loads of my favourite YouTubers get excited for Halloween has that effect on me too. Just picture it, buntings of Halloween designs, candles, pumpkin ornaments, spooky decorations... urgh I LOVE IT. It would also give my flat a bit of life too it, as at the moment it's a bit dull.

Go to the gym more often - I'm one of those people who will moan about not having a gym membership to then get one and never go... *facepalm*. Recently, I've stopped going due to my anxiety and it usually takes hours for me to push myself. I don't know why I feel so embarrassed when it comes to working out. You know when you're in the gym and you feel like everyone is watching you and they're not? that is a massive reason why I try to put it off as often as I can then moan when my weight isn't going down haha. My aim is to start going again and just focus on the positives that will come of it. I will probably still struggle when it comes to my anxiety, but oh well. 

What are your goals for Autumn or the rest of 2018? I'd love to hear. :) 

Thanks for reading!

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