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January & February Favourites | 2017

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It's again that time to share what we have all been loving throughout the first and in my case, the second month of 2017.  I will try and link everything I can but some items were Christmas Presents ha. They're definitely super random, that's for sure! Sorry for the lack of posting recently, had a lot going on but now back to posting again! 

If you have been following my posts throughout the times I did post content on/off for the last 2 years you'll know that I obsess over Soap and Glory... a lot. For Christmas, one of my friends bought me this soap and glory set and it's all I've been using throughout January. My favourite product is more or less the Hand Food as it smells so good. I take it everywhere, to work, to town, to my kitchen, everywhere haha. 
The Clean on me is a really good shower gel, although after I used it my skin started to irritate so I eventually stopped using it when I figured it out. Love it regardless just don't think my skin does. Although my skin started to irritate using that one product, I tried to hydrate my skin again by using the Righteous Butter and OH MY GOD it more or less nursed my skin back to health. Amazing stuff. I'm still using Scrub of your life but so far I've been enjoying the freshness of it and how soft it's left my skin. Big heads up to whoever got me this, I've forgotten who haha, but it was a good surprise that's for sure :) 

My mum seems to think I get stressed out easily with my job and tbh I have noticed that she's not wrong at all ha. So for Christmas, she surprised me with this BEAUTIFUL colouring book and I have not stopped using it. You can get them from pretty much anywhere in the UK such as; WHSmiths, supermarkets, Waterstones etc. But I have managed to locate this exact one from eBay and will link it down at the bottom of this post if you want to check it out! 

Nak'd have been a brand I have a love-hate relationship with for the products they release. But recently I have picked up more packets of these delicious nibble bites than anything else I usually reach for. For me, this is a healthier choice and I have noticed that I've lost some lbs since the new year started and these do the trick to replace processed sugars and fats with energising balls of goodness :) Do try them, they're amazing!! I am still addicted even a month on haha. 

Primark is probably one of those shops that I love and hate at the same time. More or less because whenever I go in with my mum and have no money I see so much I like. Then when I go back in everything I liked has gone, sod's law really. In January I was on the hunt for a necklace to wear for graduation as well as a dress. I didn't find a dress but I stumbled across this necklace and it was reduced so I snatched it and walked away very happy. I wear it so much and I freaking love it. I think it was £2 but cannot find it online so it must have been discontinued :( 

I see so many people online that have MASSIVE makeup collections and then there's me with a little box of products that I use... safe to say I need to explore more when it comes trying out new makeup but at the moment I am stuck in my bubble of comfort. I actually chose this eyeshadow palette with my mum for a Christmas present and by time Christmas day came around I forgot I even chose it and was bouncing with joy when I saw it haha. My all time favourites to use are the Angel shade (2nd one in) Venice (3rd) Copper pot and sunkissed (5th & 6th). These are definitely my favourites to use and they blend so easily and quick lasting for a good length of time. Super affordable as well! 

I must've spoken about my Graduation from January so much already (sorry...) but the day before my nerves kicked in and I needed some new makeup so I treated myself. I have some sort of trusting bond with Rimmel London products as near enough all my make up is by them. I can't really choose which is my favourite, but I have been enjoying the Rimmel London Kate Bronzer, Blush and Highlight Palette. I reach for it every day and I'm just in love with the texture and how easy it is to apply and blend also. The velvet kiss lip cream in the shade caramel 2 is heavenly to look at when applying regular makeup. It provides a bold touch to the makeup and compliments the lips as a whole, makes mine look so different. I love it.  
I'll link everything down below! 

Who doesn't like Taylor Swift? I've recently discovered this perfume in my wardrobe amongst a lot of others (I have a pretty big collection) and decided to start wearing it again. So so glad because it smells SO GOOD. I've had it for a few years and hopefully will get some more once I run out. Can we just admire the bottle? Purple with hints of gold glitter and writing... what's not to love? I adore it so much & it has been my go to perfume especially for date night with my now boyfriend :) 

It's the little things that matter most to me, especially in the winter months. Although this damaged my stomach for the day, it was a lovely hot chocolate and definitely worth the pain. I can't drink milk at all anymore unless it's Almond milk... my body hates me haha. But how gorgeous does this hot chocolate look? I WANT ANOTHER but I can't :( 

My mum is by far the cutest person ever. She wanted to make me feel somewhat loved on Valentines Day. I don't celebrate it and I wasn't with my boyfriend at the time, but I'm glad because it's one of those holidays that people waste money on when they should be treating their partner and loved ones/pets (lol) equally the same every day of the year, not just one day. But I did feel loved and well and truly merry with the bottles of wine. Her gift bag more or less sums me up as a person ha!!

Date night #1 - This is in my favourites because it was one of my favourite nights throughout February. I had the chance to wow my date and I think I did because he's now my boyfriend (i love saying that) so we decided to go to Relish in Doncaster - best decision ever! We had a lovely time, listening to live band music (it sounded like 50s swing, I loved it) and got to know each other over a lovely meal and walk afterwards, it was beyond perfect. One of the best nights ever that I'll embrace for a very very long time :) 

Date night #2 - To me every time you spend time with someone, that's a date. We went bowling and I sadly lost 3 games... but my date being the great guy he is, let me win one at least. He will argue this into the ground and say he didn't, but he did ;) It was such a good night because although we had quality time to get to know each other properly, we bonded over something fun and chilled out. I couldn't be happier and wanted to document this to look back on :) I think I'm the only person thrown by there only being 28 days in February as I'm not willing to accept that we are now in March! 

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  1. A cat colouring book?! I definitely need that in my life! Your mum is too cute with the Valentines gift bag, what a sweetheart! Looking forward to your March favourites xx

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