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Top 9 favourite YouTube channels | 2017

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As the Youtube community is rapidly growing, let's start from the beginning of how I discovered my top 9 most watched YouTubers. After discovering Zoe Sugg in 2014, I have discovered a large range of people that have enjoyable content worth watching, especially vlogs... I am a vlog addict! It was very hard to narrow it down to 9.. but I thought I'd include some people who deserve a lot more recognition than they actually get as well as the ones I have watched from day one. I will try not to fangirl too much & all opinions are my own!

Back in 2014, I was at university procrastinating like every student does (if you don't are you really a student..?) and happened to stumble across youtube and some fun channels. Zoella was one of the first channels I enjoyed watching and eventually subscribed after viewing a few of her video's. 
Back then I wasn't one to do my make-up or hair properly as it was something that didn't really cross my mind, but watching her content encouraged me to try new looks, new makeup and more or less to give some stuff out my comfort zone a try. I definitely don't regret it as since discovering her channel I've been more open to trying new products and even sharing my own opinion on here. What I like most about Zoe is the fact that she doesn't post the same stuff and even if she does, she makes it really chatty which is something I love about youtube videos if they're chatty and fun you've got my attention. I also love watching her vlogs as they always cheer me up & love watching people film their life... Definitely, something I'd love to do as it's an amazing thing to look back on.

Since everyone is doing channels/blogs revolving around beauty and fashion, discovering Niomi was definitely what I needed in my life. Firstly, she is so positive and active which is quite admirable, especially because of what she has achieved in such little time. Most lifestyle channels these days just consist of a few categories so watching Niomi's brings a different vibe to it. 
What captures my interest is her recipes and fitness video's as they are just so intriguing. Recently as well, this might have been in her December vlog, Niomi brought to the surface a real-life crisis that was happening in Aleppo to her target audience which was inspiring to see as not many people who rise to fame these days do it without gaining something from it. From that, it just made me proud to be following her journey and lifestyle. So following someone who is so clued up with reality and who posts exciting and different is a definite plus, right? Do check out her channel, she deserves so much more recognition for her channel. If I could meet her to tell her this, it would make me happy. :) 

I discovered Alfie after I subscribed to Zoe and little did I know at the time they were an item until I read Zoe's blog post... can you remember that? that's how long ago it was. Alfie posts some really awesome content, but I mainly watch his vlogs as like I said, I love watching people film their life and he definitely keeps his vlogs exciting and adventurous. I grew to love his personality more than his content at first as he's so goofy and charming, it's lovely to see. Not really into his gaming channel or his main one as much anymore, but his vlog channel is so great I'd definitely recommend for all to watch, especially if you like unique DIY videos. His positivity actually helped me a lot within 2016, don't know if anyone remembers this, but when he said he was going to do the 90 day challenge to do something different every day - this actually helped me get back on my feet and I can't thank him enough for suggesting that in one of his vlogs :) 

I can't remember how I came across Roman, was probably through facebook when I saw a prank video that had me in hysterics. I believe it was the crazy plastic ball prank that captured my attention. After a while of watching his main channel, I discovered his vlogs which instantly had me hooked. Roman is one of them people that will make you smile day in and day out whenever you're feeling down so watching his vlogs did that for me especially during uni. He is most definitely one of those fun dad's and I'm extremely happy for his success alongside his beautiful family. Although his audience is mainly male figures, I really do enjoy watching the crazy stuff this man and his family do every day, it's lovely to see that in a few years they'll have so much to look back on, remaining grateful. It's inspiring to see people who have it all, do so much for others and give back to the community and if you watch Roman, you'll know about the Toy drive he and Brittany did either 2015 or 2016 (I can't remember) but it had a massive turn out. This man deserves all the success in the world for all that he does. 

I had heard about Fabulous Hannah through a range of people such as Gabriella Lindley and Alfie Deyes, just mentioning her channel in their video's so I searched for her channel and safe to say it took me one video in to subscribe. I like the vibe she has when filming, chatty and confident... which is rare these days as most people are competing against each other to be the best. The most admirable people I watch are the ones who are confident with who they are and with the content they make. Instead of trying to tip-toe around everybody else in order to follow the crowd that has circulated within the youtube world along with all these ridiculous trends. Hannah seems very bubbly, my type of people to socialize with or just to feel some sort of escape when watching her content. She expands out of the beauty label as well, trying new videos and basically saying things how it is. The best type of people to surround yourself with in real life or web life, those who get straight to the point & don't sugarcoat anything. I'd highly recommend her for everyone to watch!

I've watched Gabriella properly since my final year at uni and I got to say, for a Yorkshire lass she ain't half bad. I mainly watch Gab's vlogs as I just get so invested in watching people's lives, makes me feel less crappy about my own whenever I'm having a bad day. I first checked in properly with Gabriella's channel when she made her 'honesty video and after watching that... well, let's just say I was a blubbering mess. No one online or offline should be made to feel that way, it's harsh and bullying has got worse especially when social media is involved. I did watch some of her video's before hand, but not as much as I do now & I'm glad because I've learned to appreciate her videos more. I can relate to Gabriella especially when mental health is involved because it's like watching myself in her when she's happy and when she's sad, it's bizarre. I don't fully understand why this girl gets so much hate, I admire her for her honesty as she doesn't hide the truth & she's hilarious, if you watch her vlogs you'll definitely agree with me. The only thing that did get boring at one time was the constant mentioning of her boob operation, just constantly mentioning it got a tad annoying but I still love her regardless. By far one of the most down to earth YouTubers I watch and she deserves so much success and happiness!

I've followed Ebony for years before I even had a youtube channel in order to subscribe. I can remember when she started posting covers, wasn't really my thing to watch but her voice is lovely to listen to. She also followed me on twitter as well a few years ago which made me insanely happy haha. Recently she has started doing a vlog channel and I get super excited for her vlogs as they're so full of energy and positivity. My favorite videos to watch of Ebony's are clothing hauls as I have followed her sense of style a little bit to liven up my wardrobe. I wouldn't have done that a few years ago, but I fancied a change. So much love for this girl.

I came across Jeanine through her video related to the break-up with her boyfriend. I don't care who is right or who is wrong, but it leads me to her vlogging channel which I have caught up on and her main channel which I adore. I love watching Jeanine because she seems pretty awesome. I love her clothes, her house and style of her bedroom in her new house... IT'S SO PRETTY. Eventually, I want to be able to dress and be as confident as she is and watching her video's pretty much encourage that. I just hope she is finally happy and enjoying her life instead of feeling crappy, I've been there too many times. Life is too short :) 

I more or less discovered Chloe through searching for a workout video to watch when I wanted to ease myself back into it.. safe to say the one I chose was HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout and it killed me at the end. Her channel is actually quite awesome and I just love her workouts. So easy yet really fun to take part in. Do check her out if you're wanting to improve your body like myself, but don't jump straight into an HIIT workout, to begin with, like I did, it will be a painful experience, to say the least. 

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