Monday, 9 January 2017

What's on my Wishlist? #1 | | 2017

Aloha, Everyone!

When it comes to online shopping, I get so picky.. and fussy! I prefer it though as you can browse for hours on end, without people irritating you up close, or pushing past you in shops. The only downfall(s) are, having no money and buying something and it not fitting... such a nightmare! As I am waiting eagerly for pay day to arrive, I started adding things to my shopping bag on and thought I'd blog it as well you know, I'm living up to the resolutions I set for myself! :) & I LOVE LOVE LOVE that website so freaking much!

I decided to go for something more out of my comfort zone as my wardrobe consists of dull colours, same patterns and silly slogans on fabric. So why not switch it up :) The carky green t-shirt is probably my favourite as it's very basic and just looks so snuggly! I also love Guns 'n' Roses too so having a T-shirt representing them would be epic. Overall, these 3 styles compliment one another and it's what I need within my wardrobe, for sure!! 

A few years ago you would never have caught me in a dress, never mind looking at one! I couldn't resist... I really couldn't. So many gorgeous styles to compliment one's figure. I love it :) I can't wait until I can purchase them. Not what I'd normally wear hence why the bottom right is a sweater dress (I have no shame) and they all look super adorable and comfortable to wear. Which one would you wear? let me know!

So if you read my last post I am focusing on my getting my body back to health and maintain my body shape. In order for me to feel comfortable working out, I need some new workout gear and these stood out to me the most! I have to say "squat goals" made me chuckle so much haha, I love that quote and no doubt I will wear these religiously. I am so excited for these to arrive, but in the meantime, I'm wearing my over-sized shorts and running top to workout in :) 

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