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Primark Wishlist | 2017

Hola, everyone!

Recently, I have found myself browsing on various websites for homeware-related items for my house. If I haven't mentioned already, I live in a shared house at the moment which is quite awesome, just until I save enough for my own flat/house. I have a big bedroom, with very little storage so I decided to browse on the Primark website and let's just say, I fell in love and wanted to blog about it!

It's no lie that Primark has released a gorgeous selection of homeware to kick-start the new year. I chose some of the best one's to include in my post as they all just compliment each other and will no doubt make my living space look incredible. I will link everything at the end if you wanna check it out! :) My favourite thing I saw was, in fact, the Copper Metal Grid Photo Holder. I just love the style of it, and I'm a sucker for copper/rose gold items, have been for years. So seeing this got me all warm and bursting with love, literally. I also have loads of photo's from my time at uni that I'd like to add to my walls, but I also like the photo's that are in fact on it... like how pretty?! Suppose a decision will be made soon. 

I need storage such as baskets to put towels in, or loose bits that don't currently have an assigned home. I need to hang my coats up on my door and my dressing gowns etc. you get the point. Basically, I have limited storage units and I currently use the shelf in my wardrobe for stuff that doesn't need to be there. I also don't have much space for clothes when my coats etc are in there, so I have chosen the Copper new 5 shaped heart hook, that goes on the back of a door to keep things out the way. I had a similar one in uni, but I can't for the life of me remember what I've done with it. 

The last few bits were to fill out space I have on my units to make them pretty and mainly because I liked them, a lot. I will link them below on where to find them. I think once I get paid on Monday, I will venture into town and pick up these items to decorate my bedroom all homely. I also needed to get organised so these items definitely play the part, don't you think? I will hopefully do more homeware wishlists, but for my first one, I thought I'd keep it simple and short :)

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