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La La Land 'Review' | 2017

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As you can see by the title of this post, I have been to see La La Land and I decided to dedicate a post about it. If you don't want it spoiling then tune out now, because I have too much to say about this film and there are not many ways around it, without ruining it for anyone else. But what I will say, If you haven't already... 

Since I was younger I have been a sucker for musicals and romance in films. I can't really explain why without sounding like a total idiot. But yeah; growing up I watched a lot of musicals so I wasn't really expecting much with this one if we're being honest here. I watched the trailer and me being me, I said "I need to see that" not that I want to, I NEED TO. But anyways, I got myself all excited by listening to the soundtrack on Spotify (city of stars is my favourite like omg!) and eventually went to see it. Safe to say it satisfied my expectations of the film and deserves all the awards/nominations and recognition in the world. 

With new films, it takes me a while to get the gist of what's going on and I pretty much point out every character and what they've been in, in my head. Not out loud because that's annoying and I only do that at home, because I can. Yes, I'm one of "those" people, sorry haha! it's what happens when studying film and television. Ask any film student. Jokes aside, if you're anything like me then you'll fall in love with the characters of the film, it's impossible not to, literally...not even joking. As dreamy as Ryan Gosling is, you get lost in his character's personality, passion for a jazz career and by time the film has ended, you're wishing to be Marrying him. His character, although I'd marry him if he wasn't already. Just saying :) I think the journey of this film is just inspiring as it's teaching the people who watch it, to chase your dreams no matter how many times you get told 'no' or that you're not good enough. It shows two people doing what they love and experiencing the difficult sacrifices they are challenged with in order to pursue their dreams. Which to me, is pretty freaking amazing. Sebastian and Mia (Ryan and Emma) are literally what people refer to as "goals". I rarely ever say that as it's super weird but it was totally worth it haha. 

A lot of romance genre films are quite repetitive and have the same ending. But I don't think La La Land falls into that category if anything it has a more independent feel to it other than following the reputation of a cheesy romantic storyline. If you follow the La La Land Instagram then you will see the amount of positive feedback and atmosphere this film has created within the first month of its release. It's already gained 14 Academy Award nominations and in the film world, that's a big freaking deal. Did I mention, John Legend is also in this film? His character is awesome too! his voice gives me goosebumps it's that good!!!!

If you know your films like I do or know your celebrity facts, then you'll know that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have worked together before in Crazy Stupid Love and wow the feels. Massive throwback. For La La Land, it brought so much happiness to the people within the cinema, especially myself. I walked out of the cinema with so much inspiration, hope, and happiness. Some may think I'm exaggerating but honestly, I'm not the only one saying this, read the reviews on IMDB. The film as a whole is very career driven and by the end of it, you'll feel more confident in pursuing what makes you happy no matter what it is. Even if it's a goal of waking up earlier every day, you'll feel driven to do so :) I genuinely will all my heart adore this film and it deserves so much success as like I said, has so far. It's a film that I feel will go down in musical history and be everyone's "go to" film in like 20 years, just like Grease is for me and has been ever since I was 7. 
I highly recommend you all watch this film, I promise you'll love it. If not, you're alien like for real. The director has done an amazing job with how he has composed the film, the effects bring the realness out of the screen, it feels like you're there with them and that feeling is well... magical. 

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