Wednesday, 11 January 2017

What was in my December 2016 Birchbox?

Aloha, Everyone!

I understand this post is super late, but work got in the way and I have been spending as much time with my family as I could over the December period.. better late than never, right? :) I have thoroughly enjoyed receiving my birchbox subscription but I won't be receiving another one, by choice until February now, just to save up some money for other bills that I'm currently a tad behind on... whoops! I'll link everything pictured below at the bottom of the post also if you wanna check it out!

So if you have followed my posts from last year (love saying that) you'll notice a few birchbox ones. They have become quite popular on my page so I thought although we are on the 11th day of January, I will still introduce the December box as I loved it so freaking much! I haven't yet tried the 'Fierce Flicks' eyeliner yet, so bare with me... it will make an appearance in future blog posts, promise! 

I don't normally do my nails so this was a total surprise. I have worn it once over Christmas and I'll be honest, it lasted so long! kept my nails in a good condition afterward too. I'm not one for pink but this 'Just Perfect' shade by Leighton Denny looked amazing! I just wish I had taken a photo, but probably wouldn't have done it any justice what so ever. It's nice for a little gift for someone, or to wear with every day/night time clothing, goes with most outfits!

Everybody raves about benefit and their products, so seeing this little Dew the Hoola in my box got me all excited and tingly. I'm not even joking. I still haven't used it yet, as I don't really know how to and I haven't been wearing make-up recently as my skin has been super dry due to the weather conditions, but I will no doubt include this in a favourites when I do try it out!

If you suffer from blotchy, dry skin and can't get rid of those icky pores with whatever facial scrub you use, then try Amie - Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish. IT IS AMAZING. I'm not just saying it. I have had really icky skin recently and using this made it more clear, less clogged up with dirt and cleared my pores. Use twice weekly alongside any other facial scrub and you'll notice a massive difference. Also, you'll have super soft skin afterward, no joke!

Hair products are essential for me and I was a bit apprehensive trying this Percy and Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm. The scent of it is a bit too strong for me, but it leaves your hair feeling so much freer. I've only used it twice as I'm still raving about a hair product from November's box ha, so this one hasn't really been out recently, but it's good to keep your hair smooth and looking fab before and after styling!

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