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Top 10 New Year Resolutions | 2017

Hiya everyone!
Long time no post... Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :) I have been quite absent recently over the last two months and I feel like due to being so busy I have neglected my blog, but now I am focused and ready for what this year will be like.  So, I tried this New year's resolution thing last year and the year before that etc. and I have neve really had any serious goals that I wanted to achieve whilst studying at University, so entering this new year I have been going crazy to share these resolutions/goals that I want to achieve this year. 

1) Be happy
Over the last two years I have been learning who I am, why I used to feel like I did, why people would leave, Why I was like I was... etc. & I realised that I just wasn't happy. With myself, or what I studied/where I lived and so on. THIS YEAR that changes, for the better. My biggest goal for this year is to be happy. Happy with my body shape, my personality, my interests, my job, academic career, relationships/friendships etc. You get the point. All I want is a good year full of positivity and happiness so I will be making that my top goal for sure!! :)

2) Post on my blog more
I am so guilty of neglecting my blog once or twice... oops. If you check what I've posted in the past, you'll see I didn't really post much last year due to personal issues, but when I did they were super long haha. I want to be posting more content based on lifestyle, health and fitness, beauty, fashion etc. Although I don't really know much about beauty or fashion, I want to collaborate with awesome brands and try new things.
I also want to update my photo quality for this blog and maybe move onto posting video's for a haul to describe what I want to say better... there's just so much but for now, I want to concentrate on my blog and even create a new layout for it to make it cosier.

3) Take 2 whole days a week off Social Media
I have already gone 3 weeks without my Facebook account as I deleted that. Long story short, people were getting extremely annoying by posting rubbish for attention or acting like they're a politician or "facebook famous", like I'm sorry but those types of people are the worst. I removed myself from the website and I couldn't be happier! I feel more at peace without it for sure.
I decided on this resolution to just relax and have more "me time" as it's a good way for the brain to stay healthy without being stunned by a phone/tablet/laptop light. & It helps you sleep better which makes you feel more relaxed and happier the next morning! 

4) Graduate University 
So I didn't have the best final year at University, I tried my absolute best and my tutors marked me down for whatever their reasoning was, which led into a resit and my University didn't allow me to walk the stage in my September graduation due to my results "not being released" BUT... got released the day after my actual graduation, so my anger towards that was the highest it's been as I felt it was unfair. Which it was, but I'll discuss that at a later date. So that's why I'm graduating on 18th January 2017, but I'm glad I still get to walk across stage and collect my degree paper thingy ha! Happy ending in the long run :) 

5) Travel 
I've never travelled abroad, so I need to change that as soon as my passport arrives. My family couldn't afford it, but we still went away in summer, which is just as good right? :) 

6) Lose Weight 
This for me is a personal matter, which I will discuss in the near future within a separate post BUT I just feel like I need to get my health back on track, tone up my body, eat the correct foods and then lose the extra weight that is tied to me. It's not because of the society we live in as I don't let it define me. Like I say it's for more personal reasoning. 

7) Pass my driving test & buy a car 
Everyone's dream right? I started my lessons at 19, I went to university which revoked the chances of my lessons taking place. It was on/off since 2013 until late 2014 and I just wasn't confident. I began again last year (2016) and now I'm so close to finishing which is UNREAL. I've achieved so much within my driving lessons such as; A relay drive for Children in Need & A two hour drive to Sheffield and back (excluding motorway) which is close to where I live. So happy I had the opportunity to do that :) 

8) Read more books 
I think it's important to read, no matter what it is. I say that because it helps relax you, gives you some enjoyment in losing yourself in someone else's story and lets you escape real life for a while. Which is great :) 

9) Do more activities 
My aim with this is to either do Tough Mudder which takes place throughout the UK, take part in The Great Northern run etc. It's keeping active, healthy and in shape whilst achieving something great, raising money for the less fortunate.

10) Get my Mental Health better
It's not been the best over the last few years and It stops me from so so much! This should be at the top of my list but oh well. I just feel as soon as my head is in a better place and I ain't feeling like I do, I'll find my happiness :) That's a big step for this year and I'm excited to see a difference :) 

So there are my top 10, I have waaaaaay more but I'll be here all day, writing a very long post. Let me know if you have the same or similar resolutions as I'd love to hear some. :) 

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